25 Tyre & Auto Services Have your Motor Home or Light Truck Serviced without any Fuss! 1-b Gateway Dr, Harbourtown PH: 5529 0827 Bosch Auto Service www.boschautoservicendm.com * LIGHT TRUCK, BUS, MOTORHOME & VAN SERVICING - UP TO 8 TONNE * LARGE 4X4’S * CARBON CLEANING OF ALL DIESELS Bosch Car Service Nationwide Warranty $300 save over ON LABOUR COSTS GET YOUR VEHICLE BACK SOONER! Simple things owners can do to minimise repairs and running costs 1. Keep your tyres pressures UP to 10%-20% above manufacture manufacturer-suggested pressures. This will give better tyre life, and lower fuel use age. Better handling and higher load carrying . 2. USE the BEST possible fuel, Premium Fuel where possible. This helps avoid expensive repairs and reduces carbon build up in engine and systems. 3. If you keep your engine oil levels halfway between Add and Full marks on levels, it reduces the need for catch cans 4. Every 80-100,000kms give your engine a carbon clean to reduce carbon build up in engine DPF, EGR. (from $580) Keep your filters clean and change them regularly so the engine can operate efficiently. What are the DO's • Keep your tyre pressures up with your pressure gauge, do not trust servo gauges they are usually wrong. • Keep using the best quality fuel. • Keep AdBlue levels correct. • Keep your vehicle service clean filters and fresh oil. • Have your mechanic always use engine flush before changing oil. I have done this for 30 years and have not had to repair any of our regular clients engines in 30 years. • Carry out a battery, starter motor, and alternator test with every service. You would expect to be served ice cold champagne if you were flying over Antarctica on New Year’s Eve. And that was the recent experience of seven members of Gold Coast Retirees Inc (GCR). Through the GCR Travel Group, members flew low over Antarctica in a specially modified Qantas Dreamliner 787 to celebrate midnight on New Year’s Eve. The flight included delicious meals, premium drinks and on-board Antarctic expeditioners who talked about the frozen continent, its history and the areas being flown over. Seats were rotated throughout the flight so everyone had a chance to view the scenery, icebergs and the continental coastline. The flight covered approximately 12,000 kilometrew in 14 hours. At an average flying height of around 3,000 metres it was low enough to pick out special features like the bright red supply ship, RSV Nuyina as it unloaded its cargo at the Australian base at Casey. The photo pictured right was taken at around midnight, shows the sun shining on the aircraft’s wing and massive icebergs in the Southern Ocean below, just before reaching the Antarctic Continent. The flight was booked through Travel Masters and coordinated by Gold Coast Retirees Travel Group. The Group was established six months ago to provide travel options for Gold Coast Seniors seeking group travel. It particularly caters for recently widowed or single retirees who prefer the safety and companionship of group travel. Gold Coast Retirees Inc is a not-for-profit, non-political association for retirees who seek financial, investment and other relevant information, with stimulating meetings and social activities. For further information about GCR Travel Group, including future travel plans, please contact the Travel Group coordinator Charles Dickson at cdickson@onthenet.com.au. Why Was the Champagne So Icy Cold?