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2 16 Dunkirk Close, (off Allied Dr) Arundel (2 streets south of Harbour Town Shops) Order Online www.newlifefoodbarn.org or PH: 0410 565 781 FAMILY PARCEL inc. 2 meat selections, groceries + fruit & veg FAMILY PARCEL inc. 6 meat selections, groceries + fruit & veg FAMILY PARCEL inc. 10 to 15 meat selections, groceries + fruit & veg $67 $77 $87 (ADD EXTRA 3 MEATS FOR $18.00) HOME DELIVERIES Jacobs Well to Currumbin BRIC-A-BRAC & SHOP ARUNDEL WED & THURS 10am-12pm & for pre-ordered parcels Supporting our community newlife foodbarn Food Relief for the Gold Coast D.G.R. Charity FOODBARN SHOP NOW OPEN SATURDAY 9-11.30am Your parcel comes with meats selected / approx.. 10 to 15kgs of fruit & vegetables / 2 extra choices such as sink liquid, juice, pantry and cleaning products /choice of breads / 20 to 25 groceries / chiller pack. If you pick up usually you have pallets of extra fruit and vegetables to choose from. $67 fills the boot of a small car about 100kgs of food. We support some 27 other organisations on the Coast. Come, view or call us or (come and volunteer - no age limit), helping us to help others struggling and in need. Products can be seconds or best before dates, close or past. Part of New Life Community Care D.G.R. Charity Feed a Family of 4 up to a Week ONLY $67 We supply food for 1000’s of meals weekly Volunteer Positions Available - NO Age Limit 12-16 Dunkirk Close, (off Allied Dr) Arundel (2 streets south of Harbour Town Shops) Order Online www.newlifefoodbarn.org or PH: 0410 565 781 3.30 to 4.30pm Tues & Wed for following day BRIC-A-BRAC & SHOP OPEN WED & THURS 10am - 12pm & FOR PRE-ORDERED PARCELS FOODBARN SHOP NOW OPEN SATURDAY 9-11.30am “DISCOUNTED FOOD” TIMES ARE HARD $67 FAMILY PARCEL Fruit & Veg/Meats/Bread Grocery Items/ Chiller pack Plus more on Pick-ups Order online Home deliveries available “Why Struggle or Go Without?” www.newlifefoodbarn.org Phone 0410 565 781 3.30pm to 4.30pm Tues & Wed for following day LOOK! IF A CRIME IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW CALL 000 IF NOT, THINK POLICELINK 131444 Do you have any information for the police - you can remain anonymous. Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report online on www.crimestoppers.com.au For all non-urgent police reporting or general police inquiries contact Policelink on 131 444 or Policelink.qld.gov.au 24hrs My Police Bulletin www.mypolice.qld.gov.au High visibility police operation marks one-year milestone with more than 1200 arrests on the Gold Coast Police have charged 1,232 people with around 1,867 offences across the Gold Coast district since a high visibility policing operation began in March last year. Operation Whiskey Unison focuses on preventing, disrupting, and investigating youth crime through community engagement and patrols at intelligencedriven hotspot locations. In the past 12 months, Operation Whiskey Unison has resulted in a total of 11,023 people being arrested on 17,791 charges state-wide, including drug, weapons, traffic, property crime and bail offences. Of the people arrested, 4,149 of them were juveniles, who are facing 7,551 charges. There have been 44,298 proactive activities in the Gold Coast district and 160,406 proactive activities completed by Police and Police Liaison Officers across the state, including hotspot patrols, shopping centre and business walkthroughs, bail compliance checks, community engagements and service station drop-ins. Targeted youth crime locations can vary across the state, but include shopping centres, business, retail and restaurant precincts, service stations and other public spaces, as well as residential areas. The boots-on-the-ground style of operation also allows more opportunities for officers and Police Liaison Officers (PLOs) to conduct bail checks and engage with young people. Patrols largely involve a dedicated police presence using marked vehicles, Mobile Police Beats and foot patrols in known hotspot areas, with assets such as Mounted Unit and Highway patrol also utilised. Youth Crime Acting Assistant Commissioner Andrew Massingham said these extra boots on the ground have been integral to supporting officers across the state over the past 12 months. “Our officers work tirelessly to deter youth crime and we are taking steps in the right direction, but we know this is just the beginning of what will be a long road of persistent efforts,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Massingham said. “Everyone from our Police Liaison officers who engage our multi-cultural and First Nations communities, to general duties patrolling shopping centres and known crime hotspots, and our district crime prevention teams working hard to assist victims of crime – our frontline does a wonderful job and the result we’ve seen from Whiskey Unison is testament to this. We know high visibility is an important deterrent and it all counts towards ensuring the community feels safe.”

3 Queenslanders can now choose to have a Digital Licence stored in their phone Queenslanders have been assured their personal information will be kept secure if they switch to the new Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) digital licence. TMR Deputy Director General, Customer Services, Safety and Regulation Geoff Magoffin said Queenslanders could now carry their driver licence, marine licence or photo identification on a mobile device. “This will provide convenience for the thousands of Queenslanders who already have everything else in their phone, including their loyalty cards, bank and credit cards,” Mr Magoffin said “Queenslanders can leave their wallet at home and enjoy the benefits of carrying their digital licence on their phone, safe in the knowledge their personal information is secure and private.” He said the Queensland digital licence met international standards for verifying, authenticating and keeping personal information safe, secure and private. “You can choose how much information you share and with whom you share it,” Mr Magoffin said. “This means your private data remains safe and secure while sharing only the necessary information to meet specific requirements. Additionally, the app incorporates robust security protocols which have been rigorously tested. These security measures safeguard your private information from identity theft and fraud.” The digital licence is optional and all Queenslanders will still receive their physical cards in the mail, even if they choose to go digital. “TMR recognises people have different preferences and not everyone may be ready to embrace the digital licence,” Mr Magoffin said, “so physical driver licences and other photo cards will continue to be issued.” The digital licence is free and accessible by downloading the Queensland Digital Licence app from your app store. “You don’t need to wait for your physical licence to expire before getting the digital licence,” Mr Magoffin said. “One of the big advantages of the digital licence is that information updates instantly. So, if you change your address or upgrade your licence class, you will see that information straight away.”

4 Introducing the 2024 Junior Mayors The Gold Coast’s 2024 Junior Council Executive Committee have been sworn in to their new roles as future leaders as part of the City of Gold Coast’s Junior Council. Nevindu Dammannagoda from AB Paterson College was announced as the 32nd Junior Mayor and Rihanna Patel from Queensland Academies Health Sciences Campus as the Deputy Junior Mayor. Mayor Tom Tate congratulated the students on their appointments on the Gold Coast’s Junior Council Executive Committee. “The Junior Council program provides young Gold Coasters the platform to have a voice,” Mayor Tate said. “The program provides an opportunity for students to learn about the role of local government, develop skills in public speaking, networking and most importantly leadership.” The Junior Council comprises of 140, Year 10 and 11 students from 37 Gold Coast high schools. The Junior Council is led by the Junior Mayor, Deputy Junior Mayor and the Junior Council Executive Committee. Junior Mayor Nevindu Dammannagoda said: “It is an honour to have been named the 2024 Junior Mayor. “I am very passionate about youth involvement and service. I look forward to working with the Junior Council this year.” The 2024 Junior Council Executive Committee comprises: • Yanyan Zhang – Queensland Academies Health Sciences Campus • Thomas Pentland – St Michael’s College • Madison McGregor – Varsity College • Henrietta Stahelin-Hall – Rivermount College • Abigail Brinkworth – Somerset College The City is pleased to welcome Kings Christian College and Men of Business Academy to the program in 2024. April is National Heartworm Awareness Month FIVE FACTS ABOUT HEARTWORM DISEASE THAT WILL SHOCK YOU ... It’s everywhere! Heartworm disease has been diagnosed in Australian states. They look like spaghetti. Mature heartworms look like long strands of spaghetti. Dogs are more susceptible. Dogs can have hundreds of heartworms in their bodies. We need to act fast. In most cases, the treatment often comes too late to cure the animal fully. Decreased appetite might be a sign. If your cat or dog is not eating well, it might indicate heartworm disease. Heartworm disease, a perilous condition affecting both cats and dogs, is caused by a parasitic worm dwelling in the heart, lungs, and associated blood vessels. Its insidious presence can lead to severe lung disease, heart failure, and damage to vital organs in these beloved pets. Dogs are a host of heartworms, meaning they can grow and reproduce in the animal, while cats are a dead-end host, meaning the worms cannot reproduce in the animal. Most cats are infected with only a few worms and may not be fully mature, though the disease can be just as deadly for cats as it is for dogs. Transmission of heartworms occurs through mosquitoes, which acquire larvae from the bloodstream of infected dogs during feeding and subsequently transfer them to other animals. Once transmitted, these larvae develop into adult worms, perpetuating the cycle of infection. Preventative measures are paramount, including monthly oral medications that target immature worms. Strict adherence to preventive schedules is crucial, as heartworm larvae can mature rapidly, rendering prevention ineffective within as little as 51 days. Detecting heartworm disease early is pivotal for successful treatment. While dogs may exhibit symptoms such as coughing, fatigue, decreased appetite, and weight loss, many remain asymptomatic initially. Regular blood tests are indispensable for diagnosis, preferably during routine veterinary visits. However, detecting heartworms in cats proves challenging due to the low worm burden and absence of definitive symptoms. Antigen and antibody tests, supplemented by imaging techniques like x-rays and ultrasounds, aid in diagnosis. Treatment for heartworm disease in dogs necessitates a multifaceted approach. Upon confirmation of diagnosis, strict activity restriction is imperative to mitigate further damage to the heart and lungs. Stabilizing the dog’s condition may be requisite, particularly in cases with underlying health issues. Treatment protocols typically involve several steps, followed by post-treatment testing to ensure complete elimination of parasites. Unfortunately, effective treatment options for heartworm-infected cats are lacking, underscoring the critical significance of preventive measures. In conclusion, heartworm disease poses a grave threat to the wellbeing of companion animals, emphasizing the need for proactive prevention, early detection, and appropriate treatment. Consultation with a veterinarian is indispensable to tailor preventive strategies and ensure timely intervention in cases of infection, safeguarding the health and longevity of cherished pets.

5 3 Bulk Billed Eye Tests 3 Most Health Funds Accepted 3 External Prescriptions Welcome *Excludes Maui Jim, Zeal and Oakley Sun RX $150 OFF COMPLETE PAIR Book your appointment today! PARIS MIKI OPTICAL Shop 18, 12 Sir John Overall Drive, Helensvale Plaza Phone 5580 5010 | www.paris-miki.com.au As you age, it's common for your eyesight to undergo changes, necessitating proactive measures to preserve your vision. Here are six recommendations for maintaining optimum eye health: Opt for a Nutrient-Rich Diet Maintaining a well-balanced diet supports both a healthy weight and optimal vision. Conditions such as obesity, a leading cause of adult vision impairment, can be mitigated through nutritious eating habits. Incorporating the following nutrients into your diet has shown promise in preventing vision loss: Zinc: Found in meat, fish, poultry, whole grains, and dairy products. Lutein: Present in corn, spinach, kale, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts. Vitamin A: Available in dairy products, carrots, kale, spinach, and egg yolks. Vitamin E: Found in eggs, whole grains, vegetable oils, and sunflower seeds. Vitamin C: Present in broccoli, green peppers, potatoes, citrus fruits, and juices. Fatty Acids: Sourced from coldwater fish like rainbow trout, mackerel, and salmon, as well as sunflower and corn oil. Kick the Smoking Habit Smoking is a major contributor to various health issues, including vision loss. It's been linked to conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. Prioritise Physical Activity Engaging in at least 20 minutes of exercise per day benefits both your overall health and eye health. Improved blood circulation resulting from exercise aids in the removal of potentially harmful particles from the tiny blood vessels in your eyes. Rigorous activity isn't necessary; a brisk daily walk is usually sufficient. Shield Your Eyes Wearing UV-blocking sunglasses shields your eyes from harmful UV rays, slowing the progression of cataracts caused by direct sunlight. Sunglasses also safeguard your retina from injury and reduce the risk of skin cancer around the eyes. Additionally, protective eyewear should be worn when engaging in activities such as sports or working with materials like wood or metal to prevent eye injuries from debris or projectiles. Practice Eye Rest Extended screen time without frequent blinking can lead to eye strain and dryness. Adhering to the 20-20-20 rule—taking a 20-second break every 20 minutes to focus on something 20 feet away—can alleviate eye strain and fatigue. Schedule Regular Eye Exams Routine eye exams are crucial for detecting potential eye conditions before they manifest symptoms and cause irreversible vision loss or blindness. Paris Miki Optical’s Store Manager Michael has over 30 year’s experience as a qualified Optical technician and has been working in the area for over 23 years. There is an onsite workshop for quicker spectacle making, so you don’t have to be without your own frames for weeks if we are using your own frame for new lenses; repairs can be done onsite and same day service is available on in store stock lenses. See advert front cover Safeguard Your Eyesight

6 Dental Health and Dentures How Are Dentures Made? The denture development process takes a few weeks and several appointments. Once your dentist or prosthodontist (a dentist who specialises in the restoration and replacement of teeth) determines what type of appliance is best for you, the general steps are to: Make a series of impressions of your jaw and take measurements of how your jaws relate to one another and how much space is between them. Create models, wax forms, and/or plastic patterns in the exact shape and position of the denture to be made. You will "try in" this model several times and the denture will be assessed for colour, shape, and fit before the final denture is cast. Cast a final denture. Adjustments will be made as necessary What Do New Dentures Feel Like? New dentures may feel a little odd or loose for a few weeks until the muscles of the cheeks and tongue learn to keep them in place and you get comfortable inserting and removing them. Also, it is not unusual for minor irritation or soreness to occur and for saliva flow to increase when you first start wearing dentures, but these problems will diminish as the mouth adjusts. Will Dentures Make Me Look Different? Dentures are made to closely resemble your natural teeth so there should be only a small noticeable change in appearance. In fact, dentures may even improve your smile and fill out your facial appearance. Will Eating With New Dentures Be Difficult? Eating with new dentures will take a little practice and may be uncomfortable for some wearers for a few weeks. To get used to the new denture, start with soft foods cut into small pieces. Chew slowly using both sides of your mouth. As you get used to new dentures, add other foods until you return to a normal diet. Be cautious with hot or hard foods and sharp-edged bones or shells. And, avoid foods that are extremely sticky or hard. You should also avoid chewing gum while you wear the denture. Also, don't use toothpicks while wearing dentures. How Are Denture Adhesives Applied? Here are some tips to consider when applying denture adhesives: • Use the minimum amount necessary to provide the maximum benefit. Apply less than you think you need, and then gradually increase the amount until you feel comfortable. • Distribute the adhesive evenly on the tissue bearing surface of the denture. • Apply or reapply when necessary to provide the desired effect. • Always apply the adhesive to a thoroughly clean denture. Remember adhesives work best with a well-fitting denture. For more information on dentures please contact us or for this article please visit www.webmd.com http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/dental-health-dentures See Noble Denture advert front cover 5525 3595 | 0417 634 795 www.idealpools.com.au Qld Lic No: 1028908 Expert Pool Builders Gold Coast We Design We Innovate We Create Family Owned & Operated Gold Coast Pool Company With Over 30 Years Experience. DEAL DIRECT & SAVE!

7 GOT LOOSE, PEAKING OR CRACKED TILES? 0414 446 579 CALL DAN FOR A FREE QUOTE Internal & External Patio Floor Pool Coping Bathroom Wall & Floor Splashback TILES WE CAN FIX Service & Product Warranty 10 YEARS Australian Standards Tested 25 YEARS Proven Track Record 30+ YEARS BEFORE AFTER GOLD COAST OFFICE 07 5646 6344 After last year’s sell-out event drew a staggering crowd of close to 250,000, generating an estimated economic impact of $25 million, this year promises to be even more spectacular, with plans to expand the event along the iconic beachfront. “As we gear up for our second year, the anticipation and excitement are higher than ever. Given we sold out tickets for last year’s event, I strongly suggest you secure your space on Pacific Airshow Gold Coast is back! the sand very early,” said Pacific Airshow Gold Coast Director Kevin Elliott. “We’re building on last year’s smashing success, aiming to make Pacific Airshow Gold Coast an even more breath-taking experience. And there’s nothing like being there, on the beach with your family and friends. Whether it’s through our exclusive hospitality packages or the incredible line-up of performers, we’re 16 to 18 August 2024 committed to creating unforgettable memories for our attendees.” Prepare for three days of world-class aerobatics and jets, showcasing thunderous power and speed. The event promises a mix of heartpounding excitement and familyfriendly entertainment, stretching around 1.5 kilometres of the Surfers Paradise Esplanade. Tourism Minister Michael Healy said the inaugural Pacific Airshow had proven it was an event not to miss. “We saw hundreds of thousands of spectators hit the beach to witness what was a spectacular inaugural Pacific Airshow display and I have no doubt tickets will be hot property again this year. “The event was also a soaring success for the Gold Coast’s visitor economy, with visitors staying 110,000 visitor nights over the weekend – a welcome boost for local accommodation, restaurants and attractions. “We’re looking forward to seeing another world-class edition of the Pacific Airshow on the Gold Coast this year.” www.pacificairshowaus.com Building on the phenomenal success of its debut, Pacific Airshow Gold Coast is set to return to Surfers Paradise from 16 to 18 August 2024.

8 WE HAVE 2 X $50 GIFT CARDS TO GIVE AWAY! WIN A $50 GIFT CARD (Coles Supermarkets, Coles Central, Coles Express, Myer, including Myer.com.au, Target, Kmart, Officeworks, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and First Choice Liquor.) Simply complete the Crossword and/or the Sudoku puzzle and post to MARCH CROSSWORD COMPETITION or MARCH SUDOKU COMPETITION PO Box 3302, Burleigh Town City Q. 4220 Write your name and address on the back of an envelope. First correct crossword and first correct sudoku entry drawn will win. Entries close 10.04.2024 Winner notified by post. SU DO KU Instructions: The numbers 1 to 9 must appear in each row, column and 3 x 3 box. Numbers can not be duplicated. No. 180 1 7 2 1 5 9 3 2 8 9 3 8 3 6 4 6 4 7 7 9 6 1 5 Answer next month k c o c a n k k b WordWheel 50 The goal of a word wheel puzzle is to create as many words possible with the letters in the word wheel. You can only use each letter once and every word must have the letter in the centre of the wheel. Answers P 11 1. Turn Me On My Side And I Am Everything. Cut Me In Half And I Am Nothing. What Am I? 2. I Am Heavy And Hard To Pick Up, But Backwards I Am Not. What Am I? 3. How can you throw a ball as hard as you can and have it come back to you, even if it doesn’t bounce off anything? There is nothing attached to it, and no one else catches or throws it back to you. 4. What word looks the same upside down and backward? 5. What is unusual about the following words: revive, banana, grammar, voodoo, assess, potato, dresser, uneven? 6. I have keys, but no locks. I have space, but no room. You can enter, but you can’t go outside. What am I? 7. First, I threw away the outside and cooked the inside. Then I ate the outside and threw away the inside. What did I eat? Answers page 11 BRAIN RIDDLES CROSSWORD 180 by Mona Elliott ACROSS 1. LIGHT 8. ALP 9. AVERAGE 10. WRAPPER 11. WHOLE 12. LEG BONE 13. PROPAGATE 16. PORTENTS 19. EXUDE 21. REVISE 22. LEARN 23. SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE 24. LOITERED 25. CEDES DOWN 2. MORE NAIVE 3. APE 4. ANTS 5. HELL 6. VERY ORNATE 7. ATISHOOS 13. THORN 14. TEST 15. EDICTS 17. PORTABLE 18. ANNOYED 20. MODISH ANSWER NEXT ISSUE. 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 20 21 23 1 8 10 14 19 22 24 25

9 SOCIOPATH A Memoir By Patric Gagne ‘Your friends would probably describe me as nice. But guess what? I can’t stand your friends. I’m a liar. I’m a thief. I’m highly manipulative. I don’t care what other people think. I’m capable of almost anything.’ Sociopath: A Memoir is at once a mesmerizing tale of a life lived on the edge of the law, a redemptive love story and a moving account of one woman’s battle to create a place for herself and the 5% of the population who are also - like her - sociopaths. Ever since she was a small child, Patric Gagne knew she was different. Although she felt intense love for her family and her best friend, David, these connections were never enough to make her be ‘good’, or to reduce her feelings of apathy and frustration. As she grew older, her behaviour escalated from petty theft through to breaking and entering, stalking, and worse. As an adult, Patric realized that she was a sociopath. Although she instantly connected with the official descriptions of sociopathy, she also knew they didn’t tell the full story: she had a plan for her life, had nurtured close relationships and was doing her best (most of the time) to avoid harming others. As her darker impulses warred against her attempts to live a settled, loving life with her partner, Patric began to wonder - was there a way for sociopaths to integrate happily into society? And could she find it before her own behaviour went a step too far? ISBN: 9781529094909 | Format: Trade Paperback | Pub Date: 09/04/2024 Category: Memoirs, Autobiography: General, BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs | Imprint: Bluebird | Price: $36.99 JAMES by Percival Everett From the Booker Prize-shortlisted author of The Trees, comes an enthralling and ferociously funny novel that leaves an indelible mark, forcing us to see Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in a wholly new and transformative light. The Mississippi River, 1861. When the enslaved Jim overhears that he is about to be sold to a new owner in New Orleans and separated from his wife and daughter forever, he decides to hide on nearby Jackson’s Island until he can formulate a plan. Meanwhile, Huck Finn has faked his own death to escape his violent father who recently returned to town. Thus begins a dangerous and transcendent journey by raft along the Mississippi River, toward the elusive promise of free states and beyond. As James and Huck begin to navigate the treacherous waters, each bend in the river holds the promise of both salvation and demise. With rumours of a brewing war, James must face the burden he carries: the family he is desperate to protect and the constant lie he must live. And together, the unlikely pair must face the most dangerous odyssey of them all . . . From the shadows of Huck Finn’s mischievous spirit, Jim emerges to reclaim his voice, defying the conventions that have consigned him to the margins. ISBN: 9781035031245 | Pub Date: 26/03/2024 Imprint: Mantle | Price: $34.99 BOOK GIVEAWAY TO ENTER write your name, address & phone on the back of an envelope and post to: 1: SOCIOPATH or 2: JAMES PO Box 3302, Burleigh Town 4220 • Entries close 10.04.2024. Winners book prize will be couriered so please provide a phone number. You may put phone number inside envelope if you are worried about scams... thankyou! Enter To Win Congratulations January Winners! $50 GIFT CARD SUDOKU: B. Naimo, Coomera CROSSWORD: J. Gagliardi, Upper Coomera DARKNESS RUNS DEEP BOOK COMPETITION W. Paulson, Oxenford | S. Jameson, Gaven J. Brown, Coombabah | K. Jenson, Coombabah L. Kentish, Coomera A LIFE OF HER OWN BOOK COMPETITION B. Bechaz, Ormeau | G. Potter, Pimpama Y. Shepherd, Pimpama | L. Robertson, Highland Park W. Cutters, Nerang Congratulations to our winners! We receive hundreds of entries for our competitions each month so keep on entering, you might be the next lucky winner! • 50g butter • 2 leeks, trimmed, thinly sliced • 2 garlic cloves, crushed • 1 tsp fresh thyme leaves, chopped • 1/4 cup plain flour • 3 cups milk • 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil • 800g chicken thigh fillets, trimmed, cut into 2cm pieces • 200g cup mushrooms, sliced • 8 flour tortillas • 60g baby spinach • 1 3/4 cups tasty cheese, grated • Fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves,to serve Preheat oven 200C/180C fan-forced. Grease a 5cm-deep, 20cm x 30cm ovenproof dish. Melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Add leek, garlic and thyme. Cook, stirring, for 8 to 10 minutes or until leek has softened. Add flour. Cook, stirring, for 1 minute or until combined. Gradually add milk, stirring constantly, until combined. Bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low. Simmer for 5 minutes or until mixture has thickened slightly. Season with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, heat oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Add chicken. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes or until just cooked through. Add mushroom. Cook for 5 minutes or until mushroom has softened. Add 1 cup leek mixture. Cook, stirring, for 2 minutes or until well combined. Place 1 tortilla on a flat surface. Top with 1/2 cup chicken mixture. Roll up to enclose filling. Place, seam-side down, in prepared dish. Repeat with remaining tortillas and chicken mixture. Add spinach and 1 cup cheese to the remaining leek mixture. Stir to combine. Spoon over tortillas in dish, spreading to cover evenly. Sprinkle with remaining cheese. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until cheese is melted and golden. Serve sprinkled with parsley. CHICKEN, MUSHROOM & THYME ENCHILADAS 20m prep | 45m cook | 6 servings

10 Italian Renaissance Alive | Grande Experiences Sat 30 Mar - Sun 4 Aug Experience the beauty and brilliance of the Italian masters in Italian Renaissance Alive, an immersive journey celebrating Europe's cultural rebirth. From the creators of Van Gogh Alive, this mesmerising experience covers the 14th to 17th centuries, showcasing masterpieces by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Caravaggio and more. You'll be immersed in the era's explosion of art, culture, architecture, sculpture and literature. Witness iconic works like the Sistine Chapel, Mona Lisa, and Birth of Venus in a stunning digital multi-sensory gallery, accompanied by a powerful operatic musical score. Don't miss the chance to be transported through history's most influential artistic period. For further information and bookings www.hota.com.au 135 Bundall Rd, Surfers Paradise Community Notices FREE FOR NOT-FOR-PROFIT, SPORTING & COMMUNITY GROUPS email your notice to info@localnewsletters.com • Deadline 3 April for next issue GOLD COAST BRIDGE CLUB BEGINNER LESSONS to learn a skill to Boost Brain Power. Commencing every Friday 9am to 11am for 6 weeks 26th April to 31st May. (other dates in the year) $85 includes a workbook, refreshments. Parking on site,located near Northcliffe Tram Stop, 2883 Gold Coast Highway. Enquiries Teacher Dot Piddington 0418 887 806. E: dot.piddington@ bigpond.com GOLD COAST LINE DANCING, New & Early Beginners through to Intermediate level. Italo-Australia Club. 18 Fairway Dr. Clear Island Waters. Also Wednesday night 6.00 to 8.30pm New to Upper Beginners, William Duncan School Hall, Cnr Alexander Dr. & Explorers Way, Nerang. Pam Probert 0410 505 740 pamseye@hotmail. com or Peter Probert 0490 467 032 peterprobert@ hotmail.com iSpeak, KIDNEY SUPPORT GROUP - We’re a Kidney support group that meet 3rd Tuesday of the month 9.15-11.30am at Varsity Sports House, 3377 Christine Ave, Varsity Lakes in an informal setting away from hospital to learn and hear about people’s experiences being on dialysis, the different forms, dedicated discussion topics, along with invited speakers from greater GCHealth precinct. As a trial venue we will also be hosting joint meetings at Helensvale Library Room, Sir John Overall Drive. BREAK AWAY MUSIC SOCIETY - Social gathering first Sunday of each month at 12 noon at Nerang Country Paradise Parklands, main entrance 231 NerangBeaudesert Rd, down to the building called the Barn. Gold coin admission. Everyone welcome, bring friends and instruments to join in the fun with Guest Artists and other performers. Food/drinks available (BYO Alcohol). Society Membership is based on INCLUSIVITYSUSTAINABILITY-CREATIVITY and RECONCILIATION. Info: Facebook Page; BREAK AWAY OPEN MIC or phone Paul on 0412 353 059. Breakawayopenmic@gmail.com GOLD COAST DISTRICT ORCHID SOCIETY meets on the last Sunday of every month (excl. December) from 1:30pm till 4:00pm/5:00pm at the Nerang Senior Citizens Hall, Cnr. Ferry St. and Mylor St. Nerang. Orchid benching display, also a sales table is available for orchid purchases. Visitors welcome, $3 hall hire fee pp. Enquiries Ph 0487648307, e: GCOS22@outlook.com THE HINTERLAND COMMUNITY BAND - Mudgeeraba. If you play an instrument and are interested in playing in a concert band, please contact us. We are seeking- all woodwinds, brass, and percussion players, all ages from teens to retirees. We rehearse every Thursday evening between 6-30 and 8-30, and we perform several concerts each year. Hall Hire- our hall and tearoom is also available for hire to other community groups at very reasonable rates. Contact Michael on 0414 323 997. GOLD COAST CARAVAN CLUB - Prospective new members are invited to attend three rallies as a Visitor, after which they may proceed with their “Application for Membership”. We hold 11 rallies each year at various locations within approx. 200km from Gold Coast. To become a member, you must own an R.V. and be over 18 years of age. Current membership is made up of mostly mature couples who enjoy travelling our country and seeing different places. For information contact Secretary, Estelle James Email: goldcoastcaravanclub@ gmail.com - Ph 0409 632 085. DRAGON BOAT CLUB, ‘BROADWATER DRAGONS’ welcomes all members of the community to come and try one of the most vibrant and inclusive sports you can do at any level of fitness and age. Learn how to paddle in a team, with the opportunity to be as competitive as you want. Broadwater Dragons training ground is at the Arthur Earle Park, Nerang Connection Road, Nerang. Training three times every week, Tuesday and Thursdays evenings at Nerang. Saturday mornings training are at Nerang or Emerald Lakes boat ramp. Come on down, say hello, watch what we do and hop in! If you would like to come and try, please contact us on: recruitment@ broadwaterdragons.com, 0408 065 483, or our website; broadwaterdragons.com GOLD COAST ROSE SOCIETY meets on the 4th Saturday of the month at the Robina Community Centre at 2pm. We are passionate rosarians who grow beautiful roses on the Gold Coat and Northern NSW and invite anyone with a love of roses to attend a meeting for some afternoon tea. Email goldcoastrosesociety@gmail.com CARRARA LIONS CLUB Join us to meet new friends, do lots of feel-good works, enjoy great social and fundraising activities and much more. We welcome new members or come along to a dinner meeting with no obligation. Looking forward to hearing from you. Mob: 0468 724 531 Email: carraralionsclub@gmail.com NERANG VIEW CLUB - Meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Nerang RSL, 69 Nerang Street. (Meeting and lunch). Lucky door prizes as well as a raffle, guest speakers when available. A trade table is also available with some homemade delicious goodies with proceeds going to our Learning for life sponsorship for disadvantage children through the Smith Family. Ladies we would love you to come along for an enjoyable afternoon. Carolyn on 0412 643 621 or Marie on 0405 089 094. MUDGEERABA BRIDGE CLUB welcomes players to join us for an afternoon of bridge and to make new friends. We meet on Monday and Friday at the Mudgeeraba Foundation Centre (cnr School & Regency Place), arriving at 12 noon for a 12.15 start and ending around 4pm. Contact John on 0412576101. TIME4FRIENDS meets every Friday at 9.30am at the Nerang Uniting Church, 5 Nerang River Drive, Nerang. Come and enjoy morning tea followed by a Joke & Thought and Trivia, followed by a game of 500 or Rummy King or join a crocheting crocheting group. Ring Judith 55294806. SIP N SUP CLUB – GOLD COAST Meets every three weeks at a great restaurant around the Gold Coast. All men welcome for beer, wine and food. We critique restaurants, have guest speakers but most of all we have a lot of fun. Generally Thursday afternoons, however, some evening events, 16 meetings per year. Facebook and search for @sipnsupgc and/or phone Michel on 0412 757 535 or email michel_44@bigpond.com HINTERLAND TENNIS CLUB INC, Cnr Price & North Street, Nerang. If you enjoy playing tennis, come and join our friendly mixed social tennis community group. Enjoy some outdoor exercise and a chat with new friends. We meet every Wednesday and Friday 8am to 10am, Wednesday 6pm to 8pm and the first Sunday of every month for Tennis & BBQ at 8am to 10.30am. See you soon. Enquiries phone or text Joan 0407 631 999 PROBUS CLUB OF NERANG meets 2nd Wednesday of Month at Nerang RSL from 10.30am. We are a small mixed club looking for members. Join us for meetings with interesting speakers or activities followed by lunch and outings each month. email:nerang594@ gmail.com NERANG SENIOR CITIZENS INDOOR BOWLS - 50 and over and would like to join a friendly indoor bowls group? Tuition given if you are not sure how to play the game. Annual fee $7.00, entrance fee $3.00. Great morning tea Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8.30am-noon. Ample parking, Cnr Ferry St and Mylor St Nerang Ph Thelma 0405548252, Dennis 0410570689, Val 0418728820. NERANG J.P. SERVICE – My Centre, Nerang. Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 11am-1pm; Saturday:10am -12 noon. ROBINA J.P. SERVICE – Robina Town Centre. Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 9:30am-1pm; Tuesday & Wednesday: 9:30am- 4:30pm. STANDBY SUPPORT AFTER SUICIDE is Australia’s national service supporting people bereaved or impacted by suicide including Families and friends who have lost someone to suicide, First responders who have attended a suicide, and Members of the public who have witnessed a suicide. StandBy is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing free face-to face and/or telephone support at a time and place that is best for each individual. Phone 1300 727 247

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