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2 Friends of Nerang National Park creates new homes for Greater Gliders on the Gold Coast The future of endangered greater gliders on the Gold Coast looks much brighter thanks to the installation of new homes by the Friends of Nerang National Park. The nest box/artificial hollow installation project, funded by the federal government’s Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Grants program, has seen 48 artificial hollows installed in Nerang National Park, one of the last areas where this threatened species occurs on the Gold Coast. “There are only two places on the suburban Gold Coast where greater gliders still occur in good numbers”, says Jessica Lovegrove-Walsh, founder of the Friends of Nerang National Park. “Currently one of these locations is being cleared for the SkyRidge housing development, which makes the survival of the Nerang National Park population vital if we want to keep greater gliders on the Gold Coast.” Greater gliders are the largest gliding marsupial in the world, and resemble tree-dwelling teddy bears with their huge fluffy ears and long furry tails. They rely on tree hollows for survival, with individual gliders often using more than ten hollows within their small territories of one to five hectares. “We’re extremely fortunate to have this species in Nerang,” says Jessica. “Many populations were wiped out in the catastrophic bushfires of 2019/20, with up to a third of all greater glider habitat in eastern Australia badly burnt.” Listed as endangered under both state and federal law, greater gliders not only face the looming threat of widespread bushfires under climate change, but are still being impacted by widespread land clearing. “We’ve seen several urban populations of greater gliders disappear in the past decade,” says Paul Revie of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, who is assisting with the project. “Because tree hollows are a precious and diminishing resource, we need to make up for their loss with artificial replacements if we want to keep not just gliders, but also other threatened species like powerful owls and glossy blackcockatoos around the Gold Coast.” In February and March this year, a team from Arborspec spent several days installing the artificial hollows in Nerang National Park. The project will explore how greater gliders use two different kinds of artificial tree cavities – rear entry nest boxes from Hollow Log Homes and Habitec moulded plastic hollows from Habitat Innovation and Management. “Because of the dire need to replace natural hollows, the design of artificial nest boxes is evolving rapidly,” says Paul. “These artificial hollows will last for decades and provide a home for generations of greater gliders.” The nest boxes have been in place for over a month now, and it is nearly time for the first monitoring session. The anticipation of seeing whether any greater gliders have moved into their new homes is building. “We use a ten metre long pole with an infrared camera attached to check for glider guests,” says Jessica. “While it can take some time for the gliders to become used to their new accommodation, any greater glider in a nest box would be a huge triumph, and proof that the project has been a success.” About the Friends of Nerang National Park The Friends of Nerang National Park is a conservation-focused community group that provides opportunities for volunteers to take part in environmental management, citizen science, and educational activities in Nerang National Park. Their aim is to build a closer connection between the national park and the local community. The group hosts a bush regeneration and education session on the second Sunday of every month, and holds a broad range of other events throughout the year. Facebook.com/NerangNationalPark | Instagram.com/NerangNationalPark Supplied: Photographers Downunder 2019 Landscape Winner Kerry Nobbs ‘Yallingup Beach’ The Doyles Art Award and Exhibition The Doyles Art Award 2022 (previously the d’Arcy Doyle Art Award) is the Gold Coast’s longest running and most established painting prize. Browse over 500 local and national artists featuring a wide variety of styles and mediums. The Doyles exhibition is held at the Mudgeeraba Memorial Hall from 22 June to 3 July. There is a $20,000 prize pool with the major art prize of $10,000 for the landscape winner, and minor prizes for figurative, still life, people’s choice and junior art categories. With such a wide variety of choice and categories, there’s bound to be an artwork that catches your eye. All artworks will be available for purchase at the event or via online gallery. thedoylesaward.com.au Do something special. Give blood. Call 13 14 95 download the app or donateblood.com.au Letterbox Distribution Have your flyers and brochures delivered to the Northern Gold Coast from $35 per 1,000 - 28 Years Experience - Call Deirdre on 5573 1040 or 0412 416 063 www.deirdrehipperson.com deirdreh@bigpond.net.au DELIVERERS ALSO REQUIRED

3 Improve Heart Health Zero Gravity is a great way to take pressure off the heart, allowing for better blood flow throughout the body, while poor, unaligned sleeping positions can actually put additional pressure on the heart Lighten Back Pain One of our customers’ favorite benefits of the Zero Gravity position is that it takes pressure off of the lower back, allowing for optimal blood flow to the brain and aiding in pain relief Alleviate Sleep Apnea and Snoring The head elevation opens up your airways, helping to alleviate the severity of snoring. Depending on what muscles give you the most issues, you can raise or lower your bed to relieve pressure on arms, legs, or your back Reduce swelling and edema Those with diabetes, high blood pressure, or excess weight can rest more comfortably by raising the legs to reduce swelling in the lower body and promote proper blood circulation Help get in/out of bed Exit your bed more efficiently and safely with the one-button adjustability. This is a great feature for the elderly, injured, or those with weak abdominal muscles Improve Breathing Lying on a flat surface can make it more difficult to breathe, especially for those with sleep apnea or asthma. Raising the body helps open the airways, resulting in better breathing habits HEALTH BENEFITS With a short consultation, our team can determine which combination of mattress & base would best suit your body and lifestyle. My Centre Nerang Shop 4A, 57 Station Road, Nerang QLD 4211 Come visit us at our display in There was once a time where adjustable beds were only for hospital rooms however, they have made their way into bedrooms across the world to promote better sleep. Adjustable beds offer plenty of health benefits, which is why they were initially used in hospitals for many years. At Adjustable Living, our main focus is to help provide the same health and sleep-enhancing benefits, from the comfort of your own home. Contact us on 0406 630 615

4 CITY NEWS MESSAGE FROM THE MAYOR Batteries don’t belong in bins Dead batteries don’t go in your household bin. They can start fires either in your bin or recycling trucks when they are crushed or damaged, and when they end up in landfill they leach toxic materials. It’s estimated that 90 per cent of Australia’s used batteries end up in landfill, and yet nearly all of the materials in batteries can be reused like lithium, cobalt and manganese. But where should they go? B-Cycle has you covered! Just collect your used batteries and drop them off at one of the over 60 locations across the Gold Coast Pop some clear sticky tape over the ends and store them. Try reusing a glass jar for storing them before disposing of them safely. You can also take them to a City Recycle Street facility at your nearest City Waste and Recycling Centre. Find out more, visit https://bcycle.com.au/ For City recycling locations go to cityofgoldcoast.com.au/recycling The 2022-23 City Budget has several key focus areas including safety, transport and sustainability. As Mayor, I am acutely aware of the cost-of-living pressures we all face. These pressures are driven by inflation and are impacting every Australian. The 2022-23 City Budget is my tenth as Mayor and I’m confident it will continue our city’s record of ensuring any rate increases are capped at, or below, CPI (Consumer Price Index). A focus next financial year is on ensuring greater community safety through further investment in CCTV, street lighting and community infrastructure including disability-compliant change rooms and park facilities. Since 2011, we have increased our city CCTV network from 110 fixed cameras to a fleet of more than 700 units today including mobile CCTV and anti-hoon cameras. Safety starts at home and the City and Queensland Police are currently running a camera network trial, known as the Community Camera Alliance (CCA), in Varsity Lakes and Yatala. The trial will provide police with great visual footage, should an incident occur in streets around those two suburbs. The program is confidential and helps keep our streets safe. Access to information greatly assists police and as we all know, visual footage of potential offenders is vital when someone is acting suspiciously in your neighbourhood. I applaud the Queensland Police Service for launching this initiative and we hope more suburbs are included later this year. Details are at: https://bit.ly/3FgFzYN TOM TATE MAYOR The cost of water leaks Leaking toilets, taps and leaking underground pipes can waste a lot of water, leading to high water bills. Leaks can also cause structural damage to your property and even attract termites. We recommend regularly reading your water meter to detect any unusual variation in water usage between readings. Learn more about detecting water leaks and what to do if you find a leak at cityofgoldcoast.com.au/waterleaks

5 JUNE 2022 COUNCILLOR NEWS Councillor Peter Young Division 5 P 07 5582 8400 E division5@goldcoast.qld.gov.au PO Box 5042 GCMC QLD 9726 @PeterYoungDiv5 W cityofgoldcoast.com.au It’s been a busy period During the past few weeks Councillors have been involved in long, drawn-out and detailed meetings as we work our way through the various complex elements of the entire City Budget. We examine the funding requests and strategic plans for numerous Council controlled organisations that provide benefit to the city and its economy including Study Gold Coast and Destination Gold Coast, the Home of the Arts (HOTA) and Major Events Gold Coast (MEGC) – our focus is to seek to make sure those entities are performing responsibly and achieving genuine benefits. We also examine the expenditure for staff and programs and capital works projects, line by line, page by page, all Councillors keenly exploring if this particular expenditure or program is necessary and asking if we can we do better. We examine thousands of pages of information and this ultimately defines the works that will be undertaken across the city’s roads, drainage, beaches, bridges, parks, libraries, community centres, sports fields, cemeteries, pools, tourist parks, sewage and water plants. It is a huge task and it is vital. We also establish how Council will raise its funds, whether by rates or charges or fees or loans, and we are aided by a small army of professional people. We examine the impacts of our decisions on your rates very closely, to the point where we are each provided lists of specific properties across our Divisions, so we can see the exact impact in dollars and cents that our decisions will have. The range of material that we are presented and process and make decisions about is enormous, complex and interesting. I always study with particular interest the capital works projects that are due to come to fruition – some of these projects chug along in line going through various stages of evaluation and planning and design and costing, sometimes taking years to come to the point where they will be funded and delivered. I am pleased to say that in the coming 12 months or so there are some good projects coming forward for Division 5 that I have been pushing along for years… Some Groups you might not have heard of: Orchid Society, Nerang Despite the miserable weather, the Southport and District Orchid Society held a very lovely show day at Country Paradise Parklands on 21 May. Some especially beautiful plants were put on display, and growers of all skill levels could get all the information, advice and materials they might need to make their own success stories. The Orchid Society meets at the Nerang Senior Citizens Club at 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of each month and eagerly welcomes members – it is a very vibrant group and they seem to have a lot of fun. Hilltop Quilters, Nerang. Another group that meets at the Nerang Seniors club is the Hilltop Quilters. This amazing group of about 40 women meet every Thursday morning from about 10am and they have a lovely time socialising and having morning tea, etc as they quilt and sew. All of their amazing and beautiful works are donated to people who really need a lift, whether that be some dolls with beautiful clothing or huge bed quilts – the quality of work is stunning, the camaraderie is without parallel and they certainly welcome people of all skill levels. Don’t be shy! Pacific Pines Seniors. The beautiful caring folks at the Pacific Pines Seniors Social Group recognise a need in the Pac Pines community (and outlying districts) for people to get together. Some may have lost a partner. Others choose to live alone. “Our objective is to give companionship and support”. Meet at the Pacific Pines Community Centre Wajin Park just off Pacific Pines Boulevard. Thursday mornings at 11am. It’s a nice comfy location and all are welcome. The group also arrange lunch gettogethers on Wednesdays - usually locally - and weather permitting they undertake short trips by bus to interesting locations. Call June 0422 669 449 or Dot 0422 377 005: they are looking forward to seeing you! I am here for you! Please contact me: Phone: 55828400 Email: division5@goldcoast.qld.gov.au Post: PO Box 5042 GCMC 9726 Facebook: @PeterYoungDiv5

6 Win a $50 GIFT Card (Can be used at Woolworths Supermarkets, selected Caltex Woolworths, Big W, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, Cellarmasters) We have 2 x $50 Gift Cards to give away! Simply complete the Crossword and/or the Sudoku puzzle and post to JUNE CROSSWORD COMPETITION or JUNE SUDOKU COMPETITION PO Box 3302, Burleigh Town City Q. 4220 Write your name and address on the back of an envelope. First correct crossword and first correct sudoku entry drawn will win. Entries close 10.07.2022 Winner notified by post. DID I READ THAT SIGN RIGHT? SU DO KU Instructions: The numbers 1 to 9 must appear in each row, column and 3 x 3 box. Numbers can not be duplicated. No. 159 8 5 9 1 7 3 6 6 1 9 4 6 9 4 2 3 2 1 8 2 5 8 Answer next month TOILET OUT OF ORDER. PLEASE USE FLOOR BELOW In a Laundromat: AUTOMATIC WASHING MACHINES: PLEASE REMOVE ALL YOUR CLOTHES WHEN THE LIGHT GOES OUT In a Melboure department store: BARGAIN BASEMENT UPSTAIRS In an office: WOULD THE PERSON WHO TOOK THE STEP LADDER YESTERDAY PLEASE BRING IT BACK OR FURTHER STEPS WILL BE TAKEN In an office: AFTER TEA BREAK STAFF SHOULD EMPTY THE TEAPOT AND STAND UPSIDE DOWN ON THE DRAINING BOARD Outside a secondhand shop: WE EXCHANGE ANYTHING - BICYCLES, WASHING MACHINES, ETC. WHY NOT BRING YOUR WIFE ALONG AND GET A WONDERFUL BARGAIN? Notice in health food shop window: CLOSED DUE TO ILLNESS Spotted in a safari park: ELEPHANTS PLEASE STAY IN YOUR CAR Seen during a conference: FOR ANYONE WHO HAS CHILDREN AND DOESN'T KNOW IT, THERE IS A DAY CARE ON THE 1ST FLOOR Notice in a farmer's field: THE FARMER ALLOWS WALKERS TO CROSS THE FIELD FOR FREE, BUT THE BULL CHARGES Message on a leaflet: IF YOU CANNOT READ, THIS LEAFLET WILL TELL YOU HOW TO GET LESSONS On a repair shop door: WE CAN REPAIR ANYTHING. (PLEASE KNOCK HARD ON THE DOOR - THE BELL DOESN'T WORK) CROSSWORD 159 by Mona Elliott ACROSS 1. NEARER 7. CALCULATE 8. JOGS 9. ENTICING 10. BIASED 11. ESTIMATES 14. TAUNTS 18. URBANE 19. OPTIMISTIC 2 3 4 9 11 12 13 15 16 20 21 23 21. COVERED 22. NESCIENT 23. SIFTED DOWN 1. VICTORY 2. SIGN 3. CURB 4. STALK 5. HITS answer next month 1 8 10 14 22 5 6 7 17 18 19 6. POSITION 12. MISTRUSTS 13. SUPERB 15. COLOUR 16. LARVA 17. GRATIFY 20. EASTERN COUNTRY

7 Family owned and operated 5525 3595 | 0417 634 795 www.idealpools.com.au Qld Lic No: 1028908 Expert Pool Builders Gold Coast We Design We Innovate We Create DEAL DIRECT & SAVE! Family Owned & Operated Gold Coast Pool Company With Over 30 Years Experience. Two Gold Coast dive tour operators have been selected for the city’s newest tourist attraction due to open on 8 June, coinciding with World Ocean Day. Bookings are now open for experienced divers to discover this unique underwater world with tour operators - Gold Coast Dive Adventures and Queensland Scuba Dive. “This one-of-a-kind diving attraction will attract divers from around the world,” said Mayor Tom Tate. “It’s going to put the Gold Coast on the map for top diving experiences and I’m pleased to see two local businesses joining us on the journey.” Wonder Reef is located about 2.5 kilometres offshore from Philip Park, The Spit, at a depth of 30 metres, and featuring nine world-first buoyant sculptural reef flutes. Gold Coast Dive Adventures is based at Runaway Bay Marina and will offer scuba diving / freediving tours. “We are excited to be a part of putting the Gold Coast on the international stage of extraordinary dive locations,” said Harry Cottrell, CEO of Gold Coast Dive Adventures. Queensland Scuba Diving is based at Mariners Cove Marina, Main Beach and will offer tours for PADI certified divers and bundled experiences. “With the opening of Wonder Reef in addition to the existing Wavebreak Island dive site, the Gold Coast now caters to all scuba diving levels and experience,” said Dave Abrahams from Queensland Scuba Diving. Tourism Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said: “Wonder Reef is tipped to top the bucket lists of divers around the world and is part of our commitment to helping Gold Coast tourism build back better. “This is another great addition to the world-class visitor experiences that make the Gold Coast the world’s favourite Australian holiday playground destination.” Member for Gaven and Environment Minister Meaghan Scanlon said Wonder Reef’s potential as a diving attraction was exciting. “Wonder Reef is a Queenslandmade triumph of innovation and science with real coral plantings thriving and adding a kaleidoscope of underwater colour,” Ms Scanlon said. “With operators locked in and the website taking bookings, it’s game on for Wonder Reef on the Gold Coast.” The newwebsite was recently launched to give locals and visitors a glimpse at the world-class dive site. Visit wonderreef.com.au Local tour operators dive into Wonder Reef

8 Buddy’s Back! In May 1971, Don McLean released a song called American Pie. Fundamentally, it's about a loss of innocence. The Backstory: February 1959, Buddy Holly was at Clear Lake, Iowa on Day 11 of a winter tour - with a gig every night for 24 days straight. It was freezing cold. Several of the group had come down with colds and flu and one of Holly's band members had frostbitten feet from riding on the tour bus. After many breakdowns, the tour was actually on its fifth worn-out yellow school bus. So Buddy chartered a 1947 Straight 35 Beechcraft Bonanza. The passengers were himself, Ritchie Valens, and JP Richardson, (the Big Bopper) along with the young pilot. The deteriorating snowy weather was overcast, with gusts up to 48 kilometres an hour. This fatal crash, only minutes after take-off, was the Day the Music Died. Until now. Until Saturday night at Twin Towns on the Gold Coast, 63 years later. An energy came on the stage that removed the missing years and presented Buddy’s Back: The Buddy Holly Show. This was a packed house; you could sense these were clearly a “you’d better impress me” crowd. It was evident that Scot Robin (as Buddy Holly) had his work cut out for him. But the man has been doing this for over 35 years, he’s cool, he can strut his stuff. And so he did! While Scot sang and played his iconic red Fender Stratocaster, drummer Geoff Townsley was keeping the beat in the exact period stick-style of Jerry Allison, the original Crickets drummer. The howling sax work by Dave Hoffmann provided awesome authenticity to each Holly song. Never over-powering, but beautifully filling every available gap. Not many bassists are visual stars on their own. Jon Flinn and his double bass were probably the best “duo” I have ever seen and heard. Jon spun his bass and slapped its side like he had a 1960’s dance partner. Well Alright, Scot Robin had a Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On with over 30 songs performed, culminating in the massive audience finale, a singalong of “That’ll Be The Day”! Oh Boy! You just have to see them. www.twintowns.com.au Reviewed by 101FM Radio Presenter Stu Robertson www.101fm.com.au | Photography by Michelle Cop (MC Photography) c t i q e n h r u WordWheel 29 The goal of a word wheel puzzle is to create as many words possible with the letters in the word wheel. You can only use each letter once and every word must have the letter in the centre of the wheel. Answers P 11 TO ENTER write your name, address & phone on the back of an envelope and post to: THE 6:20 MAN by David Baldacci Having survived combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and been decorated with medals, Travis Devine mysteriously leaves the Army under a cloud of suspicion. And at thirty-two years old, he’s swapping fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda for a different kind of danger in the cut-throat world of high finance. His daily commute on the 6.20 a.m. train into New York’s financial district, to his new job as an analyst at the minted powerhouse investment bank Cowl and Comely, takes him into a world where greed, power, jealousy and ambition result in the financial abuse of the masses and the enrichment of an elite few. But it is on this daily journey that he passes a house where he sees something that sounds alarm signals he cannot ignore. A close friend of Devine’s, Sarah Ewes, is the first victim and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death at Cowl and Comely compel him to investigate further. As he digs deeper, he discovers strange coincidences and unnerving truths. As the deaths pile up, and the major players show their hands, he must question who he can trust and who he must fight. ISBN: 9781529061963 | Format: Trade Paperback | Pub Date: 28/06/2022 Imprint: Macmillan | Pages: 432 | Price: $34.99 THINGS WE BURY by Matthew Ryan Davies Three siblings, reunited in their home town, are struggling to deal with the fallout of a car crash that almost killed their father. This, on top of everything else life is throwing at them. Josh is trying to save his marriage and hardwon TV career in the wake of a painfully public sexual harassment scandal. But is he really as innocent as he says? Jac, perennially single, is getting married - unbeknownst to her family. But will the private war she’s been waging since leaving the town sabotage this relationship, too? Dane, ever honest and dependable, is running the family business while their father is in hospital. But not everything is above board. Can he look the other way for his dad’s sake? A mysterious list of names. Long-buried family secrets. Old, festering wounds. What will happen when everything buried is dragged to the surface? ISBN: 9781760987923 | Format: Trade Paperback | Pub Date: 28/06/2022 Imprint: Macmillan Australia | Pages: 352 | Price: $34.99 BOOK GIVEAWAY Enter To Win 1: THE 6:20 MAN or 2: THINGS WE BURY PO Box 3302, Burleigh Town 4220 • Entries close 10.07.2022. Winners book prize will be couriered so you must provide a phone number Congratulations April Winners! RIVER ROCKS MUSIC WEEKEND COMPETITION David & Katrina from Arundel $50 GIFT CARD SUDOKU: T. Kilpatrick, Tallai CROSSWORD: C. Philips, Molendinar DIRT TOWN BOOK COMPETITION S. Johnson, Pacific Pines | W. Pender, Runaway Bay J. Lines, Oxenford | K. Davey, Jacobs Well N. McInerney, Helensvale THE DANCE TREE BOOK COMPETITION W. Ottens, Maudsland | S. Anderson, Yatala U. Morrison, Oxenford | T. Lines, Oxenford J. Treloar, Pimpama

9 Community Notices FREE FOR NOT-FOR-PROFIT, SPORTING & COMMUNITY GROUPS email your notice to info@localnewsletters.com • Deadline 29 June for next issue Letterbox Deliverers required to deliver advertising material to Pacific Pines, Gaven Heights, Oxenford, Stone Creek in Upper Coomera, Park Lake & Riverstone Crossing in Maudsland. Minimum of three flyers $60 per 1,000 homes plus $20 per 1,000 per job after that. Part time weekly. Looking for ex Ovato, PMP, Progress Press & Salmat experienced letterbox deliverers who live in these suburbs. Applicants with no experience may also apply. Car, mobile & computer required. Contract work only. No hourly rate. No cash in hand. No Tax File No or ABN required. Suitable for a high school student, stay at home parent, Uni student, retired person, part time people, split shifts people or for improving your fitness level. Payment varies weekly as it is based on how many advertisers choose to have their flyers delivered into that area for that week. Flyers must be delivered into letterboxes. Contact Deirdre 0412 416 063 or deirdreh@bigpond.net.au LETTERBOX DELIVERERS WANTED Since 2005, Paris Miki Optical has been servicing the Helensvale and surrounding community for eyewear needs. Our Store Manager Michael has over 29 years’ experience as a qualified Optical technician and has been working in the area for 21 years. We have an onsite workshop for quicker spectacle making, so you don’t have to be without your own frames for week’s if we are using your own frame for new lenses; repairs can be done onsite and same day service is available on in store stock lenses. Paris Miki aims to deliver spectacles for the individual and give optimal vision for each person’s lifestyle. Whether you need reading, distance, bifocal or progressive lenses we can accommodate the whole family including children to Veteran’s affairs. Here at Paris Miki, we offer a large range of contact lenses; including multifocal, toric, 1 day, fortnightly to monthly lenses. Michael is able to customise lens shapes for rimless and Semi rimless frames to suit customers various needs. We can also create prescription polarised sunglasses for most sunglass frames. Regular eye testing is important for early detection of health problems such as Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and even Pterygiums, that’s why we recommend yearly check-ups. Bulk billed eye testing is available with retinal photography. Health fund claiming for most funds can be done on the spot. To make an appointment please call on 55 80 5010. See advert back cover Convenient onsite workshop available at Paris Miki Optical GOLD COAST HINTERLAND HERITAGE MUSEUM has a collection of original Gold Coast homes as well as the original Nerang railway station which was constructed in 1889. All our buildings contain various items of historical interest related to the Gold Coast whilst new items and displays are always being added. Open Sundays 10am to 2pm.$5 for adults, children free. Special visitations can be arranged to suit committee groups outside our normal hours. More info: http:// gchheritagemuseum.org.au/ GOLD COAST ANTIQUE AUTO CLUB was formed over 50 years ago by a group of classic and historic car enthusiast. The aim of the club has not changed only our club cars seem to be more modern. We cater for all cars over 30 years old and have club registration for these vehicles (Strict conditions apply). General meeting secondMonday of the month at club house (238 Mudgeeraba Road, Mudgeeraba) at 7 30pm. Two monthly club runs: 2nd Sunday of the month and the last Wednesday. Details https://gcaac.com.au for more information. COME EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN!!! FREE SOCIAL CHESS - The community centre, 2a Gidgee Ct, Molendinar, Mon and Fri 9am to 2 pm. Sharks Footy Club, Olsen Ave, Weds 10am to 2pm. Ph Ray 0411520833 co-ordinator. IT’S YOUR MOVE! Also Free Computer Lessons Tue & Fri mornings. SCRABBLE at Nerang Community Bowls Club in Cayuga st., every Monday from 1pm to 3:30pm for $2. All levels of play welcome. Contact Diana on 0419 022 520 or just come along. COASTAL MACHINE KNITTERS - Meetings take place second Monday of each month (except January) from 8.45am, meeting starts 9.30am. 2 demonstrations, on “Brother” and “Singer” machines, at Franklin Craft Centre, 238 Mudgeeraba Rd, Mudgeeraba. Donated yarn is knitted up for disadvantage groups on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads. Subscription is $40 a year. Contact Mary on 5572 0993, or Sheryll on 0421 632 574. GOLD COAST DISTRICT ORCHID SOCIETY INC. Welcome all visitors to our general meetings held on the last Sunday of the month (not in Dec.) from 1pm until 3/4pm in the Nerang Senior Citizens Hall, Cnr Ferry St and Mylor St., Nerang. Raffles, Sales, Bench-judging and how to deal with other orchid problems. Afternoon tea or orchid Q & A with many of our growers. $3.00 fee payable to the Senior Citizens for hall hire. Contact John on 0755721840 or 0487648307 for more details. NERANG VIEW CLUB - Meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Nerang RSL, 69 Nerang Street. (Meeting and lunch). Lucky door prizes as well as a raffle, guest speakers when available. A trade table is also available with some homemade delicious goodies with proceeds going to our Learning for life sponsorship for disadvantage children through the Smith Family. Ladieswewould loveyou tocomealong for anenjoyable afternoon andmake some new friends. Contact Carolyn on 0412 643 621 or Marie on 0405 089 094 HINTERLAND TENNIS CLUB INC, Cnr Price & North Street, Nerang. If you enjoy playing tennis, come and join our friendly mixed social tennis community group. Enjoy some outdoor exercise and a chat with new friends. We meet every Wednesday and Friday morning at 8am to 10am, Wednesday Evening at 6pm to 8pm and the first Sunday of every month for Tennis & BBQ at 8am to 10.30am. See you soon. Enquiries text Joan 0407 631 999. At the COMMUNITY LAPIDARY CLUB we specialise in teaching the art of cabochon cutting, faceting as well as jewellery making, silversmithing/metalsmithing and other allied crafts. The Club has facilities for members to learn and practice cabochon cutting, freeform cutting, and Faceting. We have introduction tobasic silversmithing courses that run throughout the year. Tom Pearson Pavilion Mudgeeraba Showgrounds, Worongary Rd. Open Monday and Thursdays 10-3. MUDGEERABA LIONS CLUB Good people, working together to do good things. Last project 300 aged care Christmas packages. Great for personal development, learning new skills, meeting new people and helping others at the same time. Come meet us, we have a social dinner meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month, at the Wallaby Hotel Mudgeeraba, 6:30 for 7pm start. To find out more please call 0412879343 or email mudgeerabalions@gmail.com COME PLAY BINGO at Nerang Senior Citizens, Mylor St Nerang, Wednesday 9am. We also play indoor bowls on Wednesday and Fridays. For info ring Cheryl 0407373149 or Kaye 0427141488. NERANG COMMUNITY BOWLS CLUB, 20 Cayuga Street, Nerang. We are looking for lawn bowlers, new or bowlers who have retired their bowls to join us for fun and exercise. Social bowls (mixed) Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays as well as Twilight bowls on Fridays at 5.30. FREE Coaching Friday mornings at 9am to 11am. PH: 55960844. WOMENS CANCER SUPPORT is for women going through some form of treatment for cancer. We meet regularly for coffee, lunches, and educational events and pamper days. Coffeemeetups and sometimes craft sessions at the Nerang Neighbourhood Centre each Wednesday from 9:30am. We also have speakers and demonstratorsonSaturdaysatNerang .Wehavea library of bras, prosthesis, books, wigs, head wear, ponchos for mastectomy patients and can deliver care packs to lovelies inhospital. SeeFacebookpageWomen’sCancer Support - GC for more info. (We also have a PRIVATE GROUP.) Email: womenscancersupport@icloud.com BADMINTON - Friendly social game. All levels welcome. Nerang PCYC 5578 2227. Cayuga St, Nerang. Tuesday 9:30am - 11:30am $8.00. Come to have fun! PROBUS NERANG meet monthly on the second Wednesday of each month (except December) at Nerang Community Bowls Club, 20 Cayuga Street Nerang, from 10.30am. The meetings feature interesting speakers and monthly lunches at different venues in the area as well as day trips. All welcome! TIME4FRIENDS meets each Friday morning at the Nerang Uniting Church, 5 Nerang River Drive, Nerang at 9.30am for Morning Tea followed by a joke and a thought for the week and 10 questions of Trivia. Stay for a chat, or a game of 500, Rummy King, All are welcome to share in a time of friendship. All welcome. Info Judith Adrain 55294806 AL-ANONTHERE ISHOPE. If someone in your family has a drinking problem, you can seewhat it’s doing to them. But can you see what it’s doing to you? Al-Anon 1300252666

10 • 450g pkt frozen corn kernels • 500g chicken thigh fillets • 2 leeks, trimmed, finely sliced (white part only) • 4cm ginger, peeled, finely grated • 1 tsp sesame oil • 1L Chicken Style Liquid Stock • 1 bunch spring onions, thinly sliced, green parts reserved for serving • 2 large free range eggs, lightly beaten • 4 cups spinach leaves Place half of corn in a food processor with ½ cup warm water and process until a coarse puree. Transfer to the bowl of a 5.5L slow cooker along with chicken, leek, ginger, sesame oil, stock, remaining corn and white parts of spring onion. Cook on low for 8 hours or until chicken is very tender and can be pulled apart. Transfer chicken to chopping board and using two forks, shred chicken. Return shredded chicken to slow cooker. Increase temperature to high. Slowly pour eggs into soup, stirring consistently until ribbons of egg form. Stir through spinach leaves. Cover and cook for a further 10 minutes or until spinach wilts. Serve soup topped with reserved spring onion. source: www.bestrecipes.com.au Slow Cooker Chicken & Corn Soup Easy Prep 10 min Cook 8h 10m 4 Servings www.localnewsletters.com PRINTING SPECIALS *Price includes basic artwork and GST Full colour flyers on 130gsm gloss Business cards 420gsm card | Letterheads 80gsm bond Distribution from $30/1000 Contact Geoff 0411 134 507 | geoff@localnewsletters.com 10,000 A5 Flyers $495* 5,000 A4 Flyers $495* 500 Letterheads $150* 10,000 A4 Flyers $795* 1000 Colour Business Cards $139* 5,000 A5 Flyers $320* from from from from from from Travel Update by Lisa Leary As our world reopens and travel restrictions lessen, allow me to share some exciting spots close to home on New Zealand’s South Island. The great thing about New Zealand is that is appeals to all kinds of travellers… young, old, adventurous, cautious, wine lovers, beer drinkers, foodies, families, couples, friends, solo travellers. You name it, there’s something for you. It’s impossible to see and do everything in one trip. But being only a few short hours from Australia’s east coast, you don’t need to! You can always come back and visit a different area each time. Moeraki Boulders - Otago. These giant stones are scattered along Koekohe Beach, between the towns of Moerkai and Hampden. They are said to have been formed 65 million years ago and erosion has shaped them into almost perfect spheres. Each boulder weighs several tonne, and there’s something about the way the sparkles off their smooth wavekissed surfaces that makes them so mesmerising to see and photograph. Hanmer Springs – There is so much to do here chances are you are going to want to come back. The quaint town is picture-perfect with buzzing cafes and boutique shops, while the dramatic mountain backdrop casts feeling of pure serenity. Zoom in though, and you’ll find hiking trails, jet-boating, rafting, bungy, quad bikes and even paintball. No matter your age, interest, or season of travel, you cannot visit Hanmer Springs without taking a dip in the mineral-rich hot pools at Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa. Stargazing - Renowned for its low light pollution, the South Island is just as beautiful at night as it is in the daytime. When the sun goes down the heavens open and you are suddenly gazing at millions of twinkling lights right before your eyes. Moke Lake – Otago. Off the beaten track but still just 20 minutes’ drive from Queenstown is Moke Lake. Framed by towering mountains, the Moke Lake Loop is a lovely trail for a leisurely walk or bike ride. The approximately nine kilometre loop follows the edge of the lake, which itself is primed for canoeing, kayaking and even swimming in the summer months. Lake Te Anau Glowworm Caves – Southland - When you visit Fiordland National Park you are naturally going to want to see MilfordSoundandDoubtful Sound. But you’dbe foolish to leave out the Glowworm Caves of Lake Te Anau. It’s almost hypnotic – floating through a network of twisted limestone passages of sculpted rock, whirlpools and a roaring underground waterfall. Christchurch Street Art Trail – Canterbury - GivingMelbourne a run for its money, Christchurch is quickly cementing itself as the home of art. Through the rebuilding of the city after the 2011 earthquake, street art has been a feature, turning the many new empty walls, or blank canvases as we prefer, into captivating masterpieces. It brightens your day, to be surrounded by so much talent and inspiration. The murals are ever-evolving, always something new to see. This activity is easily done at your own pace, or you might opt for a walking tour with a local which will give you a better insight into the artworks. There are far more gems on the North and South Islands of New Zealand which can be discovered by organized tours, self-drive and/or cruise. LOOK forward to sharing parts of my cruise to Norway in the following months. Lisa Leary - P: 0402 836 093 e:lisa.leary@travelmanagers.com.au

11 KITCHEN/BATHROOM BENCHTOPS &/OR CABINETS. Repairs and resurfacing. Very economical transformation. Ph. Michael 0422 757 163. www.prestigebenchtopcoatings.com.au 30+years qualified tradesman and small painting jobs GOLD COAST: 5529 7688 • BRISBANE: 3200 9152 • Supa Shield .316 "Hook-Clamp" Security • 7mm Diamond Grille/Steel • Insect Screens K&B IS YOUR TRUSTED LOCAL SUPPLIER OF SECURITY DOORS, SCREENS AND SHUTTERS. Special Rates for Pensioners kbsecurity.com.au SECURITY DOORS & SHUTTERS Servicing All Areas since 1998 BSA License No: 1159762 LOCALLY MANUFACTURED, CUSTOM MADE - SECURITY DOORS AND SCREENS - Consult the professionals - BLINDS - AWNINGS - SHUTTERS - Blinds, Curtains Shutters &Awnings Ph 5668 2220 www.urbanblinds.com.au sales@urbanblinds.com.au - BUSINESS CARDS & PRINTING - Business Cards 5527 0314 wendy@localnewsletters.com 1,000 Colour Business Cards Colour front, gloss front ................$139 Colour front & back, gloss front .......$155 Price includes basic artwork & gst - ROOFING - ALL ROOFING REPAIRS & SERVICES ROOF TILING RESTORES • Leaks • Whirlybird Installation • Roof Cleaning • Pressure Washing PHONE 0456 926 607 info@goldcoasttrade.com.au QBCC 1084566 Call 0411 134 507 LOOK! THIS SPACE NOW AVAILABLE FOR YOUR AD! CLASSIFIEDS AT HOME COMPUTER HELP Problem solving or tuition on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Windows, Apple or Android. $40ph. Call Gabriel 0429176909. CLASSIFIED RATES: E: info@localnewsletters.com $20 for first two lines and | $5 for each extra line Answer #157 from April 2022 Answer #157 from April 2022 CLEANING/ REMOVALIST A & V CLEANERS & MINI REMOVAL SERV I CES A l l suburbs. 7 Days. Exit bond cleans. Rubbish Removal. Carpet clean. Pest control. Mould Removal. Roof Painting. Painting. Package dea l a v a i l ab l e . Pen s i one r discounts. PH: 0452 283 860. 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 20 21 23 1 8 10 14 19 22 24 25 P L A C I D L A L E U A T T I T U D E P A R S O N N T I D T G O R G E O U S D E B A T E E C U R R R E A R A R A S I D E S E R G E D M L I S T X A M I E E X T O L S I N T E G R A L I L R A A L A N D A U A N T E N N A E C N L E T R O T A T E WordWheel 29 cee chi cit cue cut ech ecu hic ice ich tec tic cent cete CHEE chin chit cine cite cute eche echt etch etic huic inch itch nice tech unci centu chine chute cutie cutin ethic hence niche nicht niece tench teuch tunic cheque chinee cinque entice ethnic quench quiche quince quitch techie thence chutnee technique 2 6 8 5 7 9 3 4 1 4 5 7 2 1 3 8 6 9 3 1 9 4 6 8 7 5 2 7 2 5 6 8 1 9 3 4 1 8 4 3 9 2 6 7 5 6 9 3 7 4 5 1 2 8 8 3 6 9 5 4 2 1 7 5 7 1 8 2 6 4 9 3 9 4 2 1 3 7 5 8 6 GUITAR LESSONS From beginner to intermediate. Learn skills, music theory and songs. Half-hour lesson $25 Ph. Nic 0423 404 791 youcanplayguitar.com.au Published by In the placement of material with the Publisher for publication, advertisers INDEMNIFY the Publisher, his employees and agents against all liability claims or demands whatsoever arising from the publication and without limiting the generality of the foregoing to indemnify each of them in relation to defamation, breach of copyright, infringement of trademarks or names of publication titles, unfair competition or trade practises, royalties or violation of rights of privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulations and that this publication will not give rise to any rights against or liabilities in the Publisher, its servants or agents and that nothing therein is capable of being in breach of Part V of the Trade Practises Act 1984. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS: Contributions do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher DIVISION 5 DISTRIBUTION PACIFIC PINES 3215 PARK LAKE ESTATE 730 RIVERSTONE CROSSING 600 GAVEN (inc. 150 acreage btw Pac Pines Blvd & Heslop Rd) 350 NERANG NORTH 2150 NERANG SOUTH 2100 HIGHLAND PARK 2400 Pacific Pines Woolworths 150 My Centre Nerang 100 Local Businesses 205 TOTAL 12000 Phone: (07) 5527 0314 Advertising: Geoff 0411 134 507 Editorial: Wendy 0414 770 102 Email: info@localnewsletters.com PO Box 3302, Burleigh Town 4220 Your Local Newsletters

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