Est. 1989 APRIL/MAY 2024 Win... Gift Card! Book Giveaway! P: (07) 5527 0314 M: 0411 134 507 info@localnewsletters.com | read online: www.localnewsletters.com Runaway Bay, Paradise Point, Biggera Waters, Coombabah, Hollywell and surrounding suburbs (Div 4) Your Local Newsletter OPEN 24/7 365 DAYS www.bwlaundromat.com.au 1300 528 628 METRO MARKET 33 Hollywell Rd, BIGGERA WATERS FREE Parking Outside Entry Air-conditioned FREE WI-FI 11 Washers 9kg to 27kg Hot Water Wash 8 X Large Dryers Pay by Coins-Cards-Phones Superwash Now Available BIGGERA WATERS see editorial P5 “Lot 1” Benobble Heights Construction Almost Done! Dual Living + Huge Shed Brand New, Bridge-free Jetty Big Block, Ready To Build Build your dream home here! Over 16 acres to spread out in a great location on the edge of Canungra. Land is title registered. More smaller block available too, from $500,000 Call Joe for stocklist on 0422 400 680 48 Luscombe Cr, Wolffdene Call Joe Farr 0422 400 680 farrgc.com.au Over 17 acres with a fully renovated 6 bedroom house, a massive 180m² workshop, 4 bathrooms, pool, veranda & so much more. Call Joe Farr for info. 0422 400 680 Brand new luxurious waterfront 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom house with 4 car parking, private heated pool & 13m marina berth set in the popular Lyra complex. Call for more details Joe Farr. 0422 400 680 / 55 007 007 One Lyra Ave, Hope Island “35 Grant Ave” Hope Island Selling Soon? Call Your Local! Joe Farr lives & breathes the North Gold Coast. Having worked the Broadwater area for over 20 years, Joe is your first choice for a premium price sale in the 4216 area. Big 193m² townhouse, 3 bedrooms, 2 living areas, double garage, by the pool & gardens in a luxurious brand new development. Rare opportunity. Call Joe 0422 400 680 / 55 007 007

2 Your parcel comes with meats selected / approx.. 10 to 15kgs of fruit & vegetables / 2 extra choices such as sink liquid, juice, pantry and cleaning products /choice of breads / 20 to 25 groceries / chiller pack. If you pick up usually you have pallets of extra fruit and vegetables to choose from. $67 fills the boot of a small car about 100kgs of food. We support some 27 other organisations on the Coast. Come, view or call us or (come and volunteer - no age limit), helping us to help others struggling and in need. Products can be seconds or best before dates, close or past. Part of New Life Community Care D.G.R. Charity Feed a Family of 4 up to a Week ONLY $67 We supply food for 1000’s of meals weekly Volunteer Positions Available - NO Age Limit 12-16 Dunkirk Close, (off Allied Dr) Arundel (2 streets south of Harbour Town Shops) Order Online www.newlifefoodbarn.org or PH: 0410 565 781 3.30 to 4.30pm Tues & Wed for following day BRIC-A-BRAC & SHOP OPEN WED & THURS 10am - 12pm & FOR PRE-ORDERED PARCELS FOODBARN SHOP NOW OPEN SATURDAY 9-11.30am “DISCOUNTED FOOD” TIMES ARE HARD $67 FAMILY PARCEL Fruit & Veg/Meats/Bread Grocery Items/ Chiller pack Plus more on Pick-ups Order online Home deliveries available “Why Struggle or Go Without?” www.newlifefoodbarn.org Phone 0410 565 781 3.30pm to 4.30pm Tues & Wed for following day LOOK! Service & Product Warranty 10 YEARS Australian Standards Tested 25 YEARS Proven Track Record 30+ YEARS GOT LOOSE, PEAKING OR CRACKED TILES? BEFORE AFTER 0414 446 579 CALL DAN FOR A FREE QUOTE GOLD COAST OFFICE 07 5646 6344 FIXLOOSETILES.COM.AU INTERNAL TILES EXTERNAL TILES PATIO FLOOR SPLASHBACK POOL COPING BATHROOM WALL & FLOOR WE CAN FIX AHEAD OF THE GAME: GUARANTORS OF A LOAN Financial institutions, including banks, often require guarantors, and sometimes borrowers, secure “independent legal advice” to fully understand the commitments they are assuming by participating in a loan agreement. Who needs to seek Independent Legal Advice? Company director guarantors: It’s mandatory for guarantors to receive independent legal advice, validated by a certificate. Non-borrower guarantors: Similarly, these guarantors must obtain independent legal advice and provide a certificate. Parental guarantors: Regardless of lender mandates, this group should always seek independent legal and financial advice. Trust beneficiary guarantors: This is often necessary when the borrowing entity is a trust. Companies as guarantors: For a trust with a company as trustee, the company must often guarantee the loan independently. The independent legal advice certificate reassures the lender that the guarantor has willingly signed the guarantee document, fully informed by legal advice on its implications and their responsibilities. A guarantor carries significant obligations and potential risks, notably assuming the borrower’s responsibilities if they fail to meet the loan’s terms. Therefore, it’s crucial for guarantors to be thoroughly informed about their liabilities. Aylward Game Solicitors offer independent legal advice for a reasonable fee starting from $770, providing you with the clarity and confidence needed to understand your responsibilities as a guarantor. For those needing Independent Legal Advice on a Loan, we invite you to contact our office to schedule an appointment. KEEPING YOU AHEAD OF THE GAME mail@aylwardgame.com.au Ph. 1800 217 217 2/20 Grice Ave, Paradise Point Q 4216

3 3 Bulk Billed Eye Tests 3 Most Health Funds Accepted 3 External Prescriptions Welcome *Excludes Maui Jim, Zeal and Oakley Sun RX $150 OFF COMPLETE PAIR Book your appointment today! PARIS MIKI OPTICAL Shop 18, 12 Sir John Overall Drive, Helensvale Plaza Phone 5580 5010 | www.paris-miki.com.au In the intricate workings of the human body, the eyes are remarkable organs that require a myriad of nutrients to function optimally and stave off diseases. The adage “you are what you eat” holds particularly true when it comes to maintaining eye health. A balanced diet is not just beneficial for your waistline but also for your eyesight. The connection between nutrition and eye health is well-established. Nutrients such as vitamins C and E, zinc, lutein, zeaxanthin, and omega-3 fatty acids play pivotal roles in maintaining eye health and preventing conditions like cataracts and agerelated macular degeneration (AMD). These nutrients act as antioxidants, protecting the eyes from oxidative stress that can lead to chronic eye diseases. Vitamin C, found abundantly in citrus fruits and vegetables, supports the health of blood vessels in the eyes. It’s believed to combat cataract formation and, when combined with other essential nutrients, can slow the progression of AMD and visual acuity loss. Vitamin E, another powerful antioxidant, can be sourced from nuts and seeds and contributes to cell protection from free radicals. Zinc, a mineral present in high concentrations in the eyes, plays a crucial role in bringing vitamin A from the liver to the retina, aiding in the production of melanin, a protective pigment in the eyes. Meat, poultry, fish, and legumes are excellent sources of zinc. Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids found in the retina. They are natural sunblock for the eyes, filtering harmful high-energy blue wavelengths of light and protecting against oxidative damage. Leafy greens, eggs, and other foods are rich in these nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHA, are vital for cell membrane health in the retina and may help prevent AMD. Fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines are excellent sources of omega-3s. The Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains, exemplifies a dietary pattern that supports eye health. It’s not just about individual nutrients; the synergy of a nutrient-rich diet contributes to overall eye health and function. The significance of nutrition in eye health cannot be overstated. As we age, our eyes are susceptible to various conditions, but a diet rich in specific nutrients can help protect our vision. It’s a simple yet powerful truth: the food we consume can have a profound impact on our eyesight. Schedule Regular Eye Exams Routine eye exams are crucial for detecting potential eye conditions before they manifest symptoms and cause irreversible vision loss or blindness. Paris Miki Optical’s Store Manager Michael has over 30 year’s experience as a qualified Optical technician and has been working in the area for over 23 years. There is an onsite workshop for quicker spectacle making, so you don’t have to be without your own frames for weeks if we are using your own frame for new lenses; repairs can be done onsite and same day service is available on in store stock lenses. Feeding Your Sight: The Vital Link Between Nutrition and Eye Health

4 16 Dunkirk Close, (off Allied Dr) Arundel (2 streets south of Harbour Town Shops) Order Online www.newlifefoodbarn.org or PH: 0410 565 781 FAMILY PARCEL inc. 2 meat selections, groceries + fruit & veg FAMILY PARCEL inc. 6 meat selections, groceries + fruit & veg FAMILY PARCEL inc. 10 to 15 meat selections, groceries + fruit & veg $67 $77 $87 (ADD EXTRA 3 MEATS FOR $18.00) HOME DELIVERIES Jacobs Well to Currumbin BRIC-A-BRAC & SHOP ARUNDEL WED & THURS 10am-12pm & for pre-ordered parcels Supporting our community newlife foodbarn Food Relief for the Gold Coast D.G.R. Charity FOODBARN SHOP NOW OPEN SATURDAY 9-11.30am Why Winter is prime time to sell your Gold Coast home As the vibrant hues of autumn fade away and the chill of winter sets in, many homeowners on the Gold Coast may hesitate to put their properties on the market. However, contrary to popular belief, winter can actually be an opportune time to sell your home in this stunning region of Queensland. In fact, according to real estate experts, the colder months bring forth a unique set of advantages that savvy sellers can leverage for a successful sale. Joe Farr, a seasoned real estate agent from Farr Real Estate, weighs in on why winter is a prime time to sell your home. "Contrary to what some may think, the winter months can offer distinct advantages for sellers," he begins. "One of the key benefits is reduced competition. With fewer properties hitting the market during this season, your home is more likely to stand out among potential buyers." Farr emphasises the importance of capitalising on the reduced inventory during winter. "Buyers who are actively searching during the colder months are often more serious about making a purchase," he explains. "They're not just casually browsing; they're motivated to find a home. This can lead to quicker sales and potentially even multiple offers on your property." Moreover, Farr highlights the aesthetic appeal of homes during winter. "Winter can actually showcase your property in a unique and appealing light," he remarks. "Imagine a cosy interior with a crackling fireplace, soft music and the aroma of freshly cookies wafting through the home – these elements can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that resonates with buyers seeking comfort and charm." He further advises sellers to focus on enhancing the cosiness of their homes during winter viewings. "Simple touches such as soft throws and ambient lighting can evoke a sense of warmth and hospitality," Farr suggests. "By staging your home thoughtfully, you can help buyers envision themselves living there, even amidst the winter chill." Joe Farr also points out the practical advantages of selling in winter. "From a logistical standpoint, winter can be a convenient time to sell," he states. "With the warmer season behind us, many buyers are eager to settle into a new home well before Christmas and the next school year. By listing your property in winter, you can align with this timeline and attract motivated buyers who are ready to act swiftly." While the idea of selling a home in winter may initially seem daunting, it presents a great opportunity for sellers on the Gold Coast. With reduced competition, motivated buyers, and the chance to showcase the cosy charm of your property, winter could be the perfect time for your next move. "Embrace the winter season as a golden opportunity to showcase your home in its best light and capitalize on the unique advantages it offers for sellers on the Gold Coast." To find out what your home could be worth & discuss how to maximise your sale price this winter, call Joe Farr on 55 007 007 or 0422 400 680. See advert front cover Runaway Bay Lions Club Supporting “Operation Smile” and “Bravehearts” Runaway Bay Lions will be raising money at their next Bunning’s Arundel BBQ on Saturday April 20th 2024 from 8am – 3pm for the Lions Australia Operation Smile Project. Since 2010 Lions have been supporting “Operation Smile Australia”. Over that time we have helped over 7,500 young people born with facial deformities, forever changing their lives. It has also enabled countless training programs in low-income countries, upskilling local staff with the eventual goal of these countries managing the surgical program themselves. Runaway Bay Lions Club are holding a Mother’s Day Raffle at Runaway Bay Centre from 8th to 11th May 2024 - 10am to 3pm. Tickets will be available at Runaway Bay Centre near the Customer Service Desk. Raffle drawn Sat May 11th 3pm. All proceeds (every single cent, plus a bit more from our club) will be donated to “Bravehearts”. “Bravehearts” is Australia’s leading child protection organisation working to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child by providing world-class child protection training and education initiatives, specialist child sexual assault counselling and support services, as well as research and reform campaigns to work holistically to prevent child sexual assault in our society. If you are interested in helping at any of our events or joining this wonderful group of people, contact can be made by email runawaybaylions@hotmail.com or phone 0403 049535.

5 • BANK OF QUEENSLAND • 10 Money Saving Tips Whipping your finances into shape is always a good idea, but it can be hard to know where to start. While you might be tempted to rush in and make some big changes to boost your savings, you might want to pause for a moment and just take a breath. You can’t go into a gym and start lifting the heaviest weights – you need to do the prep work first. The same goes for your savings. See if you can weave these 10 budgeting tips into your life to save money without the strain. By going slow and steady you can still get big results. 1. Always make a list before shopping. 2. Start selling unused belongings. 3. Shop smarter by spending more. 4. Switch up your coffee shop habits. 5. Make savings dates with your friends or partner. 6. Opt in to being designated driver on a night out. 7. Give meal-prepping a go. 8. Track your spending. 9. Turn off appliances when you don’t need them. 10. Get a better bank account. Want to have a chat about your savings goals? Pop in branch or contact us today! BOQ Biggera Waters – 5558 7333. See advert front cover BIGGERA WATERS Biggera Waters Laundromat self-service is open 24/7 for your convenience. Large loads need large commercial machines. We specialise in Dexter laundry equipment as they are high quality American built, we have several sizes suitable for a week’s laundry or your biggest Doona all done in 24 minutes. An optional ‘Super Wash’ cycle gives you a pre-wash for heavily soiled laundry and a much better result. Careful not to use too much soap as foam reduces the ability of front loaders to extract all the dirt, just a 1⁄2 scoop for the small machines and only one scoop for the largest is plenty. For any assistance please ph 1300 528 628 see ad front cover Hot washes are included FREE! OPEN 24/7

6 • 1 cup plain flour (all purpose flour) • ▢1 cup rolled oats • ▢1 cup desiccated coconut, unsweetened • ▢3/4 cup white sugar , preferably caster / superfine • ▢150g unsalted butter • ▢4 tbsp golden syrup • ▢1 tsp baking soda (bicarbonate soda) Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F (160°C fan forced). Line 2 baking trays with baking paper. Mix flour, oats, coconut and sugar in a bowl. Place butter and golden syrup in a saucepan over medium high heat and stir until butter has melted. Add baking soda and stir to combine - it will fizz up, this is normal. Immediately remove from heat. Pour butter mixture into flour and mix until just combined. Roll level 1 tablespoon mixture into balls, flatten into patties. Place balls, 2.5 cm apart, on prepared trays. Bake for 15 minutes or until deep golden. (Bake 12 min for chewy biscuits!) Stand on trays for 5 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack to cool - they harden as they cool! ANZAC BISCUITS Anzac Biscuits are a cherished treat in Australia, adored for their rich buttery caramel taste, satisfying crunch, and the ease of their recipe—not to mention the profound historical significance they hold. These biscuits are traditionally baked by Australians in honor of ANZAC Day. The acronym “ANZAC” refers to the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. ANZAC Day, observed on April 25th each year, is a solemn day of remembrance for Australians, commemorating the anniversary of the initial significant military engagement undertaken by Australian and New Zealand forces in the First World War, a battle marked by substantial losses. Legend has it that soldiers’ wives invented the original Anzac Biscuits, carefully choosing ingredients that would ensure the biscuits remained edible over the long journey to their husbands abroad. The original versions were reportedly so tough that soldiers sometimes ground them into porridge. Prep: 15min | Cook: 15mins | Makes 16-18 Congratulations February Winners! $50 GIFT CARD SUDOKU: L. Kriedemann, Ormeau CROSSWORD: A. Hodgson, Maudsland THE SIMPLE EDIT COOKBOOK COMPETITION S. Greenaway, Oxenford | A. Reid, Parkwood H. Taneja, Pacific Pines | K. Foster, Ormeau C. Hobbs, Ormeau NEVER TOO LATE BOOK COMPETITION S. Johanna, Guanaba | W. Austin, Hope Island W. Searle, Coombabah | A. Richardson, Arundel C. Dickens, Helensvale Congratulations to our winners! We receive hundreds of entries for our competitions each month so keep on entering, you might be the next lucky winner! THEY THOUGHT I WAS DEAD by Peter James Peter James, the number one, multi-million copy bestselling author of the Grace series returns with a standalone novel with a difference. Some will know how it begins . . . Her name is Sandy. You might know her as the loving wife of Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. But there’s more to her than meets the eye. A woman with a dubious past, a complicated present and an uncertain future. Then she was gone. Some will think they know how it ends . . . Her disappearance caused a nationwide search. Even the best detective on the force couldn’t find her. They thought she was dead. But nobody knows this . . . Where did she go? Why did she run? What would cause a woman to leave her whole life behind and simply vanish? For the first time, the number one, multi-million copy bestselling author Peter James reveals the truth behind Sandy Grace’s dramatic disappearance. They thought I Was Dead will thrill fans and new readers alike with its gripping story of a woman on the run. This is Sandy’s story. ISBN: 9781529031447 | Format: Trade Paperback | Pub Date: 14/05/2024 Imprint: Macmillan | Price: $34.99 THE LOST LOVER By Karen Swan A gripping new series . . . beautifully told by one of our most prolific and talented writers’ - Santa Montefiore on The Last Summer Young Flora MacQueen has always dreamed of more than life on the small Scottish island of St Kilda. And when she catches the eye of visiting adventurer and wealthy businessman James Callaghan her future seems brighter. Only, as the islanders prepare to leave their homes for the final time, Flora finds her dreams shattered. With her beauty her only currency she must step forward in ways that would have been unthinkable back home in order to support her family. Soon Flora is the toast of glamorous Paris. Fame and fortune are hers for the taking but she knows only too well by now that rich men make empty promises. But then a secret comes to light that will change everything . . . The Lost Lover is Book Three in Karen Swan’s bestselling Wild Isle Series. ISBN: 9781529084474 | Format: Trade Paperback Pub Date: 30/04/2024 Imprint: Macmillan | Price: $34.99 BOOK GIVEAWAY TO ENTER write your name, address & phone on the back of an envelope and post to: 1: THEY THOUGH I WAS DEAD or 2: THE LOST LOVER PO Box 3302, Burleigh Town 4220 • Entries close 10.05.2024. Winners book prize will be couriered so please provide a phone number. You may put phone number inside envelope if you are worried about scams... thankyou! Enter To Win

7 The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (SCIBS), held from May 23 to May 26, 2024, stands as a beacon of glamour and immersion in the world of boating lifestyles, nestled in the serene confines of Sanctuary Cove. With its inception dating back to 1988, SCIBS has metamorphosed over the years into a four-day extravaganza celebrating all things aquatic. Drawing in over 300 exhibitors, SCIBS unveils the zenith of advancements in the luxury boating industry. Visitors are treated to a spectacle of 740+ vessels, ranging from trailer boats to majestic superyachts, both on water and on land. It's not just about the vessels; SCIBS serves as a platform for exciting new product launches, ensuring attendees witness innovation firsthand. At its core, SCIBS is a melting pot of cutting-edge boating technology and equipment. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a novice with a budding curiosity, there's something to captivate every soul amidst the aisles of marine gadgets and gear. SCIBS offers exclusive waterside VIP experiences, providing attendees with a chance to bask in the lap of luxury, from beholding majestic superyachts to partaking in family-friendly activities. The event caters to a diverse array of interests, ensuring that every attendee finds their niche amidst the splendour of the Gold Coast waterfront. The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show isn't just about boats; it's a celebration of exotic and aquatic lifestyles. Whether you're a fervent sailor, an industry aficionado, or simply intrigued by the allure of the sea, SCIBS promises a fantastic experience. For those eager to embark on this aquatic odyssey, further information and tickets can be obtained from the official Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show website - sanctuarycoveboatshow.com.au 5525 3595 | 0417 634 795 www.idealpools.com.au Qld Lic No: 1028908 Expert Pool Builders Gold Coast We Design We Innovate We Create Family Owned & Operated Gold Coast Pool Company With Over 30 Years Experience. DEAL DIRECT & SAVE!

8 WE HAVE 2 X $50 GIFT CARDS TO GIVE AWAY! WIN A $50 GIFT CARD (Coles Supermarkets, Coles Central, Coles Express, Myer, including Myer.com.au, Target, Kmart, Officeworks, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and First Choice Liquor.) Simply complete the Crossword and/or the Sudoku puzzle and post to APRIL CROSSWORD COMPETITION or APRIL SUDOKU COMPETITION PO Box 3302, Burleigh Town City Q. 4220 Write your name and address on the back of an envelope. First correct crossword and first correct sudoku entry drawn will win. Entries close 10.05.2024 Winner notified by post. BRAIN RIDDLES SU DO KU Instructions: The numbers 1 to 9 must appear in each row, column and 3 x 3 box. Numbers can not be duplicated. No. 181 4 6 5 7 8 9 6 5 4 7 5 3 9 6 2 1 3 8 3 9 7 9 8 Answer next month CROSSWORD 181 by Mona Elliott ACROSS 1. WITHDRAW 8. FORT 9. PREFER 10. ULTIMATE 11. FRUIT 12. JAPANESE WRESTLER 13. SPORES 16. NIGGARD 19. YEARN 21. ITALIAN CITY 22. BLATANT 23. LIVES 24. LIFT 25. RIDICULE DOWN 2. PROTOTYPE 3. BREATHED 4. EXIT 5. PART OF A DOOR 6. PRESUPPOSES 7. CONFUSING 13. CRAMMED 14. WRAPS 15. STOIC 17. STAMP 18. VOTER 20. GOES IN Answer next issue 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 20 21 23 1 8 10 14 19 22 24 25 f i a c r a b e t WordWheel 51 The goal of a word wheel puzzle is to create as many words possible with the letters in the word wheel. You can only use each letter once and every word must have the letter in the centre of the wheel. Answers P 11 1. What is seen in the middle of March and April that can’t be seen at the beginning or end of either month? 2. I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with wind. What am I? 3. What word in the English language does the following: the first two letters signify a male, the first three letters signify a female, the first four letters signify a great, while the entire world signifies a great woman. What is the word? 4. What English word has three consecutive double letters? 5. A girl has as many brothers as sisters, but each brother has only half as many brothers as sisters. How many brothers and sisters are there in the family? 6. A is the brother of B. B is the brother of C. C is the father of D. So how is D related to A? 7. How is seven different from the rest of the numbers between one and ten? Answers page 11

9 Broadbeach Beachfront Markets: 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, 8am-2pm, Kurrawa Park, Broadbeach. Burleigh Heads Beachfront Markets: Last Sunday of each month 8am-2pm, Beachfront off Esplanade, Burleigh Heads. Carrara Markets: Largest marketplace in Australia, over 500 stalls. Variety, bric a brac, fresh food & produce, family entertainment 8am3pm every Sat & Sun, cnr Gooding Drive & Manchester Rd, Carrara. Coolangatta Beachfront Markets: 2nd Sunday of each month 8am-2.30pm, Beachfront Marine Parade, Coolangatta. Emerald Lakes Gourmet Food & Craft Market: (next to Emmanuel College, Birmingham Road). Every Thursday 3-7pm. Food Market specialising in sensationally fresh produce and International Street Foods, Musical entertainment. Plenty of free car parking. Marina Markets: Waterfront Hope Island Shopping Centre, 10 Santa Barbara Rd. Third Sunday of the month from 9am-2pm Miami Marketta: 23 Hillcrest Pde, Miami. Wednesday, Friday & Saturday from 5pm Our community hub 4208 - 1st sunday of the month, 7am - 12 noon. Harrigans Lane Jacobs Well / Harrigans Pub Calypso Cay @ ourcommunityhub4208 Paradise Point Art & Craft Market - Esplanade Park just north of Ephraim Island bridge on the fourth Sunday of every month. artandcraft.com.au Sanctuary Markets: on The Village Green at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. 28 Tomewin St, Currumbin. Every Friday 4-9pm Food Market specialising in International Street Foods, Musical entertainment. Plenty of free car parking. Surfers Paradise Beachfront Market: The Esplanade, Surfers Paradise. Every Wed, Fri & Sun night 4-9pm (except Schoolies) Tamborine Mountain Country Markets: 2nd Sunday of each month 7.30am-1pm, Tamborine Mountain Showgrounds, Mt Tamborine. Tamborine Mountain State School Markets: Last Sunday of the month 7am - 1pm. Pet friendly. Cnr of Long & Curtis Rds, Tamborine Mountain The Village Markets Burleigh Heads: 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month, 8.30am-1pm, Burleigh Heads State School, Lower Gold Coast Hwy farmers markets Beechmont Market: Every third Sunday of the month from 8am to 1pm at the Old School on the roundabout. Bundall Farmers Market: Every Sunday, 6-11.30am, HOTA, Bundall. Burleigh State School: Every Saturday, Lower Gold Coast Highway, 7am-12pm rain, hail or shine. Ample parking. Currumbin Community Market: Every Thursday 7am-11am, 164 Duringan Street, Currumbin. Helensvale Farmers Market: Every Saturday 6-11am. Helensvale State High School. Real Farmers. Real Food. Real Community. HOTA Farmers and Artisan Markets 2023 Every Sunday 6-11.30am. 135 Bundall Rd, Surfers Paradise. Marina Mirage Farmers Markets: Every Saturday 7am-noon. facebook.com/marinamiragefarmersmarket Organic Farmers Market: Every Sunday, 6-11.30am Merrimac State High School, 3 Dunlop Crt, Mermaid Waters Lavelle Street Markets: Every Sunday rain, hail or shine. 6.30am12pm, Lavelle Street, Nerang. Palm Beach Farmers Market: Every Saturday, 6-11am, Palm Beach Currumbin High School, Thrower Drive, Palm Beach. Sunrise Farmer’s Market: Sundays 6.30-11am in the Dreamworld Carpark Tamborine Local Producers’ Market: Every Sunday, 7am-12pm, The Green Shed, Tamborine Mountain Showground. To list your market for free email: info@localnewsletters.com local markets

10 Tickets available 5532 2096 www.gclt.com.au 21A Scarborough St, Southport Community Notices FREE FOR NOT-FOR-PROFIT, SPORTING & COMMUNITY GROUPS email your notice to info@localnewsletters.com • Deadline 01 May for next issue Bookings: www.javeenbah.org.au Phone 0417 004 466 • Email info@javeenbah.org.au CNR STEVENS & FERRY STREETS, NERANG GOLD COAST WRITERS’ ASSOCIATION supports and encourages writers from all genres, age groups, and levels of experience, to grow, learn, and excel in their craft. Our events and workshops offer the opportunity to connect and share with like-minded people in a relaxed environment. We welcome writers and readers to network, engage, share learning experiences, and connect with a wider audience on the third Saturday of each month between 12-3pm. E: gcwa.publicitycoordinator@gmail.com | www. goldcoastwriters.org HOLLYWELL PROBUS CLUB monthly general meetings are held from 10am on the third Tuesday of the month, at Parkwood Tavern Cnr Olsen & Wintergreen Dr, Parkwood. Visitors are always welcome. Varied range of Club activities: Website: Probus- HOLLYWELL COMBINED PROBUS INC - Welcome (probussouthpacific.org) Email: probushollywellclub@ gmail.com NEW MONTHLY ACTIVE MINDS GROUP Trivia, fun and games. Come along and challenge your mind. First Thursday every month 10am-12.30pm. $5 morning tea included. Phone Jasmin 0412364669 or Marilyn 0481480274. ATTENTION MEN! Guys need an outlet to get together ‘shoot the breeze’, talk a bit of BS, and make new mates? Whether you’re 40 or 80 this group is for you. It’s a small friendly informal group that catches up weekly to give men an opportunity to get out of the house. This is not a business networking group. There is no business or church behind it. It’s about social engagement. Wednesday catch up - Paradise Point Bowls club @ 9:30 am. Friday catch up - Boutique Cafe @ 9:30am. Salacia Waters cafe precinct Paradise Point. Anthony 0413 806 179. A FREE COMMUNITY SINGING GROUP has commenced at Paradise Point Uniting Church building Paradise Point every second Wednesday 9.30am.. Next Sing will be Wednesday 10th April, (every second Wednesday).If you love singing in a group then join us singing many pop songs in aircon comfort. Singing is great for your mind, body and soul. No fees, No auditions, just relax with song. Enquiries 0408 771 201 or leave a message. All welcome. PARADISE POINT LADIES ASSOCIATION New Members and old members are welcome to come along and take part in the following activities. Cards/Bolivia/Hand/Foot/ Hand/Knee and Foot and Majong. Tuition available. Cost $5 Joining Fee and $5 weekly. Call Sue on 0434788142. THE ELDERS GOLD COAST. Looking for friendship? Welcome all. The Elders meet for lunches on a Wednesday and 10am every Friday for morning tea at Runaway Bay Shopping Centre (long table in the food hall). Our age group covers from 50 plus. Theatre, arts & crafts. Email: theeldersgoldcoast@gmail.com or PH Bob 55633623, 0407 793 739. FOR LOVERS of THE ARTS: ADFAS GOLD COAST invites you to join our series of monthly Saturday morning lectures on a wide variety of arts-related subjects presented by national and international specialist speakers. Be entertained and informed then join us for morning tea. Bookings essential. For lecture/ membership call Bernadette on 0484227065 or email bmurray079@gmail.com. ADFAS GOLD COAST https:// www.adfas.org.au/societies/gold-coast-bundall/ RUNAWAY BAY VIEW CLUB meets for lunch with guest speakers at the Parkwood Tavern, Cnr Olsen & Wintergreen Ave Parkwood, every second Tuesday of the month at 11.30am for 12.00 noon. We also hold regular social functions visiting different venues and events. VIEW stands for Voice, Interests and Education for Women. New members are always welcome. If you are interested in meeting other women whilst helping to raise money for The Smith Family. Phone Lyn 0403486432. RUNAWAY BAY 50 + SENIORS INDOOR BOWLS CLUB Tuesdays & Sundays, Community Hall Lae Dr, Runaway Bay. Doors open 12 noon games start 12.30, cost $3 incl. afternoon tea. New members welcome and tutoring provided if required. Also bus trips throughout the year. Come along and make new friends. PH: Ishan Uzel 0416450367 SIP N SUP CLUB – GOLD COAST Meets every three weeks at a great restaurant around the Gold Coast. All men welcome for beer, wine and food. We critique restaurants, have guest speakers but most of all we have a lot of fun. Generally Thursday afternoons, however, some evening events, 16 meetings per year. Facebook and search for @sipnsupgc and/or phone Michel on 0412 757 535 or e: michel_44@bigpond.com PARADISE POINT & NORTHERN DISTRICTS ASSOCIATION is reaching out to residents of Division 4 to come along to our meetings. We discuss all local issues that you may have concerns about. If you have any issues please let us know so we can help. We meet at the small Community hall on Community Lane, Paradise Point on the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm. You can join our group with membership of $5 per year. Our local councillor Shelley Curtis will be attending each of meetings (time permitting). We also have the chance to win a lovely meat tray. President Diane Woods on 0418 654 388 or our Secretary Roger Gordon on 0450 403 807 NORTH GOLD COAST PROBUS CLUB is a friendly mixed club for retired and semi-retired men and women. We meet at 10am at the Seagulls Leagues Club Morala Ave Runaway Bay on the first Monday of each month. Members enjoy a variety of guest speakers, morning tea coffee, door prizes and many stay for at lunch at the club bistro following the meeting. is all about FUN, FRIENDSHIP AND FELLOWSHIP for seniors. Club activities are arranged each month and may include: Outings, Bus trips, Walking Group, Book Club, Dining, Theatre and Movies, etc. Paul 0424 243005 or Wendy 55806224 for info. PARADISE POINT SENIORS Community Centres, Community Lane, Paradise Point. 50 and over? Come and join our friendly members in our activities. Carpet bowls and cards on Monday, Thursday, Saturday 12-00 to 3-00pm. Afternoon tea provided. Monthly bus trips on Fridays, visiting very interesting places. Wednesday in small hall next door there is a painting class plus cards from 11.30 to 3.00pm. We will teach you in a very friendly manner. All welcome. Club President Ross Kimberley 0417925855, Noreen 0410875763, Noeline 0415134126, Painting contact Steph 0415171798. RUNAWAY BAY AND DISTRICT SENIOR CITIZENS ASSOCIATION INC Over 50’s come along and join us every Tuesday from 9-11am. Great way to meet new friends and socialise. Activities of our Club include Tai Chi classes $3 per session and $3 entrance fee. Craft sessions $3 entrance fee. Bus trips depending on support. Yearly financial membership fee $5 paid annually. First visit free. Morning Tea provided. Everyone works to their own ability. email runawaybayseniorcitizens@gmail.com 50 AND OVER? Join our friendly club at Runaway Bay Community Hall for indoor bowls & cards. $3 entrance fee. $3 yearly fee. Wed & Fri, 12 - 3 pm. Don’t know how to play? No worries, we’ll teach you. If you play 500 or Canasta please join us. Ample parking next to library. Ring Gordon for bowls 0428751292, Doreen for cards 0450301377. PARADISE POINT ART & CRAFT MARKET - The Gold Coast’s longest-running Sunday markets are now at Paradise Point! Join us at Esplanade Park just north of Ephraim Island bridge on the fourth Sunday of every month. Come support your local artists and artisans and get your fix of beachside treasure! artandcraft.com.au LEARN TO PLAY BRIDGE: The Game that Boosts Your Brain Power. Beginner Lessons at Gold Coast Bridge Club 9am – 11am: Fri Apr 26– May 31, Mon July 15–Aug 19, Wed Oct 9–Nov 13. Enquiries or enrol contact: dot.piddington@ bigpond.com or call Dot on 0418 887 806. Easy parking onsite. 2883 Gold Coast Hwy, Surfers Paradise. Book now 5539 4255 or online www.spotlighttheatre.com.au 185 - 187 Ashmore Road, Benowa Halpin Auditorium 10 May - 1 June 2024

11 Give us a call today! CONSULT THE PROFESSIONALS - BUSINESS CARDS & PRINTING - Business Cards 5527 0314 wendy@localnewsletters.com 1,000 Colour Business Cards Colour front, gloss front ................$139 Colour front & back, gloss front .......$155 Price includes basic artwork & gst - BLINDS - AWNINGS - SHUTTERS - Call 0411 134 507 LOOK! THIS SPACE NOW AVAILABLE FOR YOUR AD! NEED YOUR ROOF RESTORED? Call us 0456 926 607 e: info@goldcoasttrade.com.au www.goldcoasttradeptyltd.com GOLD COAST TRADE ROOFING BEFORE AFTER n Repair & Restoration n Roof & Exterior Cleaning n Home Insurance INSTALL WHIRLYBIRD. REBED, REPOINT Concrete Tiles, Slat, Terracotta, Gerrard Roofing, Wooden Shignles QBCC Lic. 1084566 - PROPERTY MAINTENANCE SERVICES - Answer #179 from Feb 2024 Answer #179 from Feb 2024 6 1 3 9 2 7 8 5 4 7 2 4 8 6 5 9 1 3 8 9 5 1 3 4 2 6 7 1 4 9 2 5 6 3 7 8 5 6 2 7 8 3 4 9 1 3 7 8 4 9 1 5 2 6 4 5 6 3 7 9 1 8 2 9 8 1 6 4 2 7 3 5 2 3 7 5 1 8 6 4 9 2 3 4 9 11 12 13 15 16 20 21 23 1 8 10 14 22 5 6 7 17 18 19 B E L I E F T V R R N R E A L I S E D A L L U D E C S T N R N A T I O N A L D E L E T E R I I D T H O U S A N D S I V E H E A D A C H E U M X R R A P I N E A C C I D E N T R N I V V A N O I N T A S T E R I S K A E E L L E R R A N D KITCHEN/BATHROOM BENCHTOPS &/OR CABINETS Repairs and resurfacing. Very economical transformation. Ph. Michael 0422 757 163. prestigebenchtopcoatings.com.au (see before/after jobs and gallery) CLASSIFIED RATES: E: info@localnewsletters.com $20 for first two lines and $5 for each extra line PEST CONTROL Termite Specialist & General Pest Treatments Fully Licensed/Insured Many years of experience Owner/Operated Liam - 0404 780 790 dreampestcontrol.com.au TV EXPERT Wall Mounting, Tuning, Setup Antenna Installation & Repair Foxtel & AV Equipment Help Call TV Magic 0488 899 849 Answers to Brain Riddles: 1. The letter ‘r’. 2. An echo 3. Heroine 4. Bookkeeper 5. Four sisters and three brothers. 6. A is D’s uncle. 7. Seven has two syllables and the other numbers only have one syllable. WordWheel 51 aft arf eft fab far fat fib fie fir fit ref rif afar barf cafe face fact fair fare fart fate fear feat fiat fice fier fire fret frit raft rife rift abaft afire after befit brief craft facer facet facia farce fiber fibre fract refit rifte tafia africa biface fabric faciae facebar fibrate fabricate Advertise with your Local Newsletter www.localnewsletters.com For info call Geoff 0411 134 507 / 5527 0314 Wendy 0414 770 102 Email: info@localnewsletters.com P.O. Box 3302, Burleigh Town 4220 Contributions do not necessarily represent the views of the publisher. Your Local Newsletters Distributed to homes in Paradise Point, Runaway Bay, Hollywell, Coombabah, Biggera Waters, Runaway Bay Library, Spar Coombabah, Grice Ave Pharmacy, Foodworks Paradise Point, Drakes @ Metro Markets, Woolworths Harbour Town, Club Musgrave, IGA Clocktower, Priceline Runaway Bay, Runway Bay S/C (info centre), Kleins Coffee Bar, Cartridge ‘n More Oxley Drive.

12 Cnr Musgrave Ave & Kumbari Ave, SOUTHPORT Phone 5532 1277 • info@musgravebowls.com • www.clubmusgrave.com ENTERTAINMENT MAJOR RAFFLES WEDNESDAY Meat & Cash Prizes drawn @ 7.30pm FRIDAY Meat & Cash Prizes drawn from 7.00pm SUNDAY 2pm-4pm Free Raffle Tickets – Meat Trays & Cash Prizes drawn @ 4pm BINGO Monday afternoon @ 2pm Mon, Tues, Thurs & Sunday nights @ 7pm Cash jackpots from $1000 to $5000 “PETS” Available BISTRO 4215 OPEN 7 DAYS FOR LUNCH 11.30am - 2pm OPEN 7 DAYS FOR DINNER 5pm - 8pm A-la-carte Menu & Specials NOW OPEN Kitchen/Dining/Courtyard refurbishment COME & TRY OUR ALL NEW MENU! APL POKER Wed 6.30pm & Fri 1pm FREE TRIVIA Wed 7.30pm SOCIAL DARTS Sun 2pm BAREFOOT BOWLS just $5pp 100 POKER MACHINES - REGULAR PROMOS - TAB & KENO - Live Entertainment Saturday nights from 6pm – 10pm & Friday nights SOUTHPORT | GOLDCOAST Courtesy Bus runs from 4pm Mon-Fri & from 11am Sat & Sun -To book call 5532 1277