5 COUNCILLOR NEWS Councillor William Owen-Jones Division 2 P 07 5582 8555 E division2@goldcoast.qld.gov.au PO Box 5042 GCMC QLD 9726 @WilliamOwenJonesDivision2GoldCoast W cityofgoldcoast.com.au MAY 2022 National Road Safety Week Every year, approximately 1200 people are killed and another 44,000 are seriously injured on Australian roads. Traffic injury is the biggest killer of Australian children under 15 and the second biggest killer of all Australians aged between 15 and 24. These numbers are growing every year but are preventable if we choose to Drive So Others Survive! National Road Safety Week is an annual initiative from the Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group, partnering road safety organisations and Government. The week highlights the impact of road trauma and ways to reduce it. Speed awareness devices There are a number of restrictions as to where the devices can be placed. They cannot be placed on multiple lane roads, near school zones, roundabouts or where the road curves. The signs are designed to slowly change driver behaviour. Whilst they capture the speed of vehicles approaching and passing the sign, number plate information is not captured. However, the data regarding vehicle numbers and speeds is regularly passed on to the Queensland Police Service. Last financial year the signs counted over 56,100,000 vehicle movements, on average vehicles travelling over the speed limit on approach to the signs reduced their speeds by 9km/h. The sites that have been identified in Helensvale, Hope Island and Oxenford to date are generally on City roads with higher volumes of traffic. The sites have been added to over time with residents’ suggestions. I would welcome any feedback regarding additional sites for future deployments. School footpaths The City has recently completed two school footpath projects in Helensvale, both designed to encourage students and parents to actively travel to the school gate (walk, cycle, scoot). The smaller of the projects was new footpath works along Adaminaby Drive, which was funded through the local area works program. The larger project was undertaken over several months on Lindfield and Discovery Drives and involved the installation of DDA (Disability Discriminatory Act) compliant pram ramps, driveways and footpaths. Whilst there were some disruptions due to the time involved, we thank the local school community for their understanding, as the short-term pain of works makes way for the long-term gain of better footpath connectivity. These works are not always cheap to deliver because they can involve the relocation of services, the introduction of retaining walls, and always requires traffic management, which is incredibly expensive. In the case of the two projects near the Helensvale schools, the City spent just over $800,000. The State makes no contribution to these costs, despite being responsible for schools. Police Link The City has a part to play in relation to roads and safety, however driver behaviour (speeding and hooning) can only be enforced by the Queensland Police Service. I would encourage residents to continue to log complaints with QPS Police Link (131-444) or Hoon Line (134-666). The QPS is data driven (reports of speeding) in relation to scheduling their enforcement programs. Community consultation I am a Justice of the Peace (Q) and available to meet with members of the community in my office on the ground floor of the Helensvale Library and Cultural Centre from 9am – 10.30am most Mondays and Fridays. Please contact the office first on 5582 8555 to confirm attendance. I welcome feedback from residents at division2@goldcoast.qld.gov. au or contact my Facebook page – WilliamOwenJonesDivision2GoldCoast Speed Awareness Device The City of Gold Coast has over 100 “smiley face” speed awareness devices which are deployed across the City-controlled road network. There are currently 10 speed awareness devices located across Division 2. The signs are rotated around approximately 30 different locations on a three month basis. ia O en-Jones i i i i i i l . l . . @WilliamOwenJonesDivision2GoldCoast W cityofgoldcoast.com.au