4 Rebond, Refresh, Restore: Revolutionise Your Tiles with TRIM WHAT IS TRIM? – Tile Reglue Injection Method is an innovative approach that repairs loose and debonded tiles without removal. The TRIM method saves tiled surfaces from costly replacement by localising the problem areas and avoiding damage to surrounding tiles, utilising a specialised injection adhesive. Loose Floor Tiles: Looking for loose floor tile repair services?? Your floors will feel like new in just hours with floor tile TRIM! We as a leading tile restoration company has an advanced Tile Reglue Injection Method or tile injection repair that positively refixes your loose tiles without removal, whether your tiles are inside or outside. Loose Wall Tiles: Don’t let loose wall tiles in your bathroom or splash-back ruin your home. Floor tile TRIM is the economical, mess-free, permanent loose title repair alternative to tile replacement, saving time and money without stress. Repair Chipped Tiles: Tiled floors being blemished by unsightly chips and cracks? Our cracked tiles repair or replacing cracked tiles process can colour match your existing tiles and have them look like new, even when no spares are available. Repair Peaking Tiles: Save your tiled surfaces without the need for costly replacement. Our TRIM tile repair system provides the perfect solution by relieving built-up pressure around peaked and tented tiles. We then level out and refix through injection. If you would like to know more about TRIM and how it can help save you time and money, please call the team at DRN Projects on 1300 291 217 or 0414 446 579. AACTA Festival 2024: A Cinematic Extravaganza on the Gold Coast The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) is set to illuminate the Gold Coast with the inaugural AACTA Festival from February 8-11, 2024. Offering over 70 diverse events encompassing film, television, music, gaming, pop culture, and family activities, this four-day celebration promises an immersive experience for all. Hosted at the Home of the Arts (HOTA), the festival caters to industry professionals, film enthusiasts, families, and aspiring creatives. Free-to-attend events include panels, meet-and-greets, screenings, and activities, providing an opportunity to delve behind the scenes, discover industry trends, meet stars, network with practitioners, and explore the world of Australian film, TV, gaming, and music. The AACTA Industry Awards Ceremony on February 8 marks the festival’s beginning, followed by a day of industry events and discussions. The AACTA Awards Ceremony on February 10 features a star-studded red carpet, culminating on February 11 with screenings, live music, kids’ events, acting workshops, meet-and-greets, and the Screen Careers Expo. Cinematic highlights include a behind-the-scenes look at The Matrix, an animation deconstruction of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, a Mad Max: Fury Road stunt work showcase, and a preview of the BINGE Original series High Country starring Leah Purcell. Exclusive insights from Michael Gracey and producer Paul Currie on their upcoming film Better Man, featuring Robbie Williams, add to the festival’s allure. Literary enthusiasts will appreciate the presence of Queensland’s top writers, including Trent Dalton and Holly Ringland, along with panel discussions featuring renowned directors Danny and Michael Philippou, Warwick Thornton, and creators of The Newsreader. For families, a Play School LIVE event, kids’ acting workshops, face painting, live music, and a special appearance by Bluey promise entertainment. The AACTA Screen Careers Expo on Sunday provides invaluable insights for those aspiring to enter the industry. AACTA CEO Damian Trewhella expressed excitement, emphasizing the festival’s inclusivity, covering film, television, music, gaming, art, and pop culture. Foxtel Group’s Amanda Laing highlighted the festival’s role in showcasing Australian storytelling, while Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate recognized the city’s prominence in the screen sector. Screen Queensland CEO Jacqui Feeney welcomed the festival to the prolific Gold Coast, a hub for production and screen talent. With a call to plan a visit, pack popcorn, and enjoy the show, the AACTA Festival promises an unforgettable celebration of Australia’s screen sector on the picturesque Gold Coast. For ticket information, visit aactafestival.com.