5 GOT LOOSE, PEAKING OR CRACKED TILES? 0414 446 579 CALL DAN FOR A FREE QUOTE Internal & External Patio Floor Pool Coping Bathroom Wall & Floor Splashback TILES WE CAN FIX Service & Product Warranty 10 YEARS Australian Standards Tested 25 YEARS Proven Track Record 30+ YEARS BEFORE AFTER GOLD COAST OFFICE 07 5646 6344 Antique Buyers in the Gold Coast Area With Covid having forced us to spend plenty of time at home, many of us have taken to sorting our drawers and cupboards. Now is a fantastic opportunity to turn those unwanted items into cash. “We are keen buyers, especially of the items listed on our advert (see back page). Everyone has something we want to buy, and nothing is too small for our consideration. We are just as happy to buy one item, as we are buying 10,000!”, says Mike Cornish, chief buyer for the company. The buyers will be in a convenient location in the area very soon (see back page). If you are in doubt about any items you wish to sell, take them in for an instant appraisal. Especially wanted by the buyers are any gold jewellery items, broken or not, antique jewellery, collectables such as military medals, old coins and banknotes, and mechanical watches. Gold and Silver still at high prices With the gold price still at higher than traditional levels, right now would be an opportune time to go through the jewellery box and dig out those old gold chains, rings and brooches and turn them into cash. Mike says, “Now is a great time to sell. We will buy anything made of gold – old jewellery, coins, virtually anything, even gold teeth! We also need silver in any form, including cups, cutlery, old coins, even teapots and the like.” Old coins can toss up a rarity Check those drawers and cupboards, you may have a rarity lurking amongst your coins. “We want to see any old foreign coin accumulations. We will be quite happy to go through your coins on the spot and give you an idea of what we can pay. You just never know what can turn up!” Rolex and mechanical watches wanted Mechanical watches are needed urgently by the buyers. “Collectors at this stage want brands such as Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, and Longines, just to mention some. These brands can command good prices depending on the condition and model. In any event we will buy any mechanical watch, even if it’s only a few dollars for parts,” says Mike. “If you are unsure, bring any watches to us at the venues to have them appraised,” he said. Whilst we have a Covid safe environment at the venues, we also offer home visits for those unable to come to us. See our advert for home visit slots and get in touch to book yours in. See advertisement back page for details >